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(SUSI) 2018 Program Pakistan


SUSIs, also known as the Study of the US Institutes are a dedicated set of academic programs designed to help undergraduate students learn more about the US. These are short-term academic programs, and the focus is on boosting their knowledge and increasing their leadership. The SUSIs integrate a wide array of unique ideas and features like site visits, volunteering, working with the local communities and traveling. All of these add up to create a masterful set of 5 weeks that the student will enjoy.

The University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA is hosting an activity for the Pakistani student leaders and that activity is based on the federal public policymaking, as well as the state and local policymaking. The program is designed to host and help 30 undergraduate students from Pakistan as they arrive here and they compare the local policy to the one in the US. During their 5-week stay, the students get to have a hands-on experience with community services; they can discuss with the local community, not to mention they can engage in community service, various leadership activities and case studies or simulations.

The focus is on bringing in front a better way for students to understand how policymaking works and how American institutions handle it. The students also get to travel to Washington DC, Boston and NYC during a dedicated tour component that lasts for a week!

Applicant information

The program is created for Pakistani students that have an interest in public policymaking at a local, federal or state level. The program is taking place at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst between late June and Early August 2018. The focus is on offering academic information, all while enhancing the skills of each student to become a more powerful and better leader for their local community and schools.

Relevant Program Information:

  • Program Funding:

The program organizers are covering the participation costs such as subsistence and housing, incidental and mailing allowances, cultural, booking costs, domestic and international travel, etc.

  • Housing and Meal Arrangements:

All students are accommodated at the campus housing owned by the university. Each participant may need to share a bathroom and a room with another student of that same gender. Meals are offered in the dining hall. This is important information that you have to agree with before applying. There’s extra care to ensure that everything about housing, dieting, medical care and daily worshipping is handled as expected.

  • Health Benefits:

Every student that participates to the program receives coverage of $100000 at the $25 co-pay during the program. Keep in mind that this doesn’t cover any pre-existing conditions, and more information can be acquired at

  • Program Requirements and Restrictions:

Each student is required to offer his utmost participation in the entire program. He/she should focus on completing the assigned readings; any organized activities and attending lectures will be a must. The Institute tasks are rather intensive, and there will be no time for anything not related to the program.

Each participant needs to arrive at the US at the designated date. You are not allowed to visit any friends or relatives; it will be handled by the host institution. In case you violate any laws that pertain to the federal, state or local rules, you will be dismissed from the entire program, so you want to avoid that.

  • English Language Ability:

In order to be accepted to the program, you need to have a very good level of English. The institution knows that there are varied understandings of English so that they will prepare accordingly. Still, having a very good level of English will be extremely helpful here, and this will definitely impact the entire experience.

  • Eligibility Criteria: 

Candidates are expected to have a very high motivation and exemplary undergraduate students from colleges, universities, and other institutions of higher education. The candidates have to be a undergraduate student from the first to third year. Moreover, the candidate needs to show a great set of communication skills, and also needs to be involved in community activities and a variety of other tasks. All candidates should have a strong interest in public policy, their fields of study might vary, and can include any of the following fields such as Politics, Law, Engineering, Medicine, Science, Biotechnology, Business, Economics, International Development, Management, and others.

Each applicant needs to:

  • Have a very good command in English

  • Age between 18-25 years

  • Have an strong interest in public policymaking

  • Needs to be an undergraduate. You will have to return to your university to complete that program

  • Show strong leadership qualities

  • Demonstrate an interest in studying and learning about the United States

  • Have a high level of academic achievements such as  teacher recommendations, awards and grades.

  • Demonstrating a focus on university extracurricular and community activities

  • Have little or no travel and study experience in the US or another country

  • To be comfortable with the campus life and the idea of sharing their room with others. Adjustment to the cultural and social practices different from Pakistan.

  • To participate in an intensive academic program, community service and educational trips

  • To be independent, mature, confident, open-minded, thoughtful and responsible!

University Transcripts:

Do not attach transcripts with your application; only specify your GPA and grades. The original transcripts will be required at the time of interview, after you have been shortlisted.

English Language Fluency Evidence:

You are required to either attach IETLS or TOEFL or a letter from your university confirming your English language fluency.

How to apply?

You will need to send the application Form to by Monday December 04, 2017. Only emailed applications will be considered for review. Make sure your submit your application form via email using the following email format.

Format of your email:

The SUBJECT LINE has to include the applicant name, institution name, the city where you study. Please make sure that you follow this format: USMAN KHAN, NUST, ISLAMABAD. (This is important, please do not ignore this.)

Answering Essay Questions:

Take special care in answering the essay questions in the form and while answering, make sure that you stick to the word limits.


You will be contacted by the Public Affairs Section based on the criteria listed above as mentioned in the application form, and the interviews will take place during December at a location specified at a later date. Keep in mind that only the shortlisted candidates will receive a message.

A list of the finalists and their potential alternates will be shared until the mid of March 2018.

Also read: SUSI Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Visa Process:

Selected candidates will need to have a passport to apply for a US visa. All necessary assistance will be provided by the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy.


Selected students will receive their dedicated orientation materials. This will offer the guidance they need for their US trip. They can also speak to the Public Affairs Section when it comes to anything related to the program.


The participants will travel to the selected institute at the end of June!

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