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Summer Sister Exchange Program Guide


The U.S. Summer Sisters Summer Exchange Program provides an opportunity to the talented low to middle income female high school students to get an exposure and study various fields such as science, leadership, international affairs, among others subjects at U.S. universities.

The program started in summer 2016, when nineteen young Pakistani girls received summer exchange program scholarships to study at one of the leading U.S Institutions such as American University, Babson College, Barnard College, the Eleanor Roosevelt Center at Val-Kill, Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, Georgetown University, George Washington University, National Student Leadership Conference, Smith College, and Washington University. Since 2017, three new universities Brown University, Duke University and the University of Chicago are also added to the list.

Students go through a rigorous and transparent application process and students are selected based on merit from all over Pakistan.

Through the generous support of the U.S. Embassy in Pakistan and the academic partners, the Summer Sisters will develope leadership skills, gain confidence to invest in their future, and also served as cultural ambassadors in the United States. In addition, embassy will support the Summer Sisters by arranging internships, networking opportunities, and leadership training, after they return to Pakistan. Those students will also be provided  networking opportunities through the Pakistan U.S. Alumni Network (PUAN) .

Applying to the U.S. Summer Sisters Exchange Program 2018 is very important if you want to visit the United States and learn new skills and exposure. However, there are some things to take into consideration when it comes to applying to the program and accessing it.


  • Only female students in the high school or college can apply

  • You need to be anywhere from 15 to 18 years of age before June 1st 2018

  • Brilliant academics, more than 70%.

  • You need to have great written and oral English skills

  • Only Pakistani nationals can apply

  • The family income can be moderate or low

  • You need to apply for and acquire a passport that’s valid for at least 1 year.

  • Your family needs to offer its agreement for traveling.

  • You have to complete an application.

 Application Process:

Application process is very important; you need to apply in November 2017. This is the beginning of the process, and you have to make sure that you share the application according to the requirements.

To apply, complete an Application Form by giving responses to 5 questions and submit it to H-88, P.E.C.H.S. Block-6, Karachi by 20th November, 2017, along with the following documents.

  • NADRA Authorized Birth Certificate or B-Form

  • Mark sheets of last three years (2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17)

  • Reference Letter

Do write on the envelope “U.S. Summer Sisters Exchange Program”.

Skype Interviewing:

Then you will have to wait for the Skype interview process to arrive. This will come only if you were selected after the initial process to begin with. It will take place either in December or January, depending on how many people have to be interviewed.

English Test & Interview:

After a few weeks, you get a selection letter and an email which will offer you an opportunity to meet in person at the interview locations in the country. There will be a written English Language Test (Reading, Listening & Essay Writing), followed by an interview on the same day, you will receive an online handbook for preparation.


Depending on the results, you will be accepted or not. If you are accepted, you will receive the acceptance letter and this will help you study at a specific location, you will know where at this point.

VISA process: 

After you are accepted, you have to apply for a VISA. Once the VISA is approved, you will need to attend the PDO in the interview location, this is the pre-departure orientation.

The entire process is easy to go through and it delivers a lot of convenience. It’s the best way to visit the U.S and study there, plus the U.S. Summer Sisters Exchange Program 2018 is very professional and you get to be a part of a very distinct group of students.

To know more about the program, do read Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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