I gave the GMAT in January 2017

My score is 720.

I gave the GMAT in January 2017 after 2 months of study (which was along with my 9 to 6 job). My score is 720. I would spend about 2-3 hours on average daily (some days I wouldn’t be able to study at all) and about 4 hours on the weekends. The main resources I used were the Manhattan guides for the concept building and the official guide for the practice questions. I would advise to go topic by topic for the preparation. As far as the tests are concerned, I took one of the practice tests available on gmat.com in the beginning to see where I stand and what areas do I specifically need to concentrate on. A week before my final test, I took 3 more tests from gmat.com along with Manhattan tests (I won’t recommend taking them unless you have a lot of time on hand since they aren’t very close to the real test).

After giving my GMAT, I applied in 4 schools for MBA that I had already shortlisted before. My shortlisting was based on a number of factors including the ranking, location and the funding opportunities for international students. It took me about 1.5 months to complete my applications to these schools. I focused particularly on writing comprehensive essays, detailing my short and long-term goals in detail. I believe that my key success factor during the whole application process was to choose the schools that I felt were the best fitted to my goals as well as to portray what I am really really passionate about through my essays. Determination to get into a fully funded MBA program in a US school (that was also a natural fit given my goals) and a lot of hard work were my ultimate success drivers.


  1. UMass Amherst MBA with full funding along with stipend through a fellowship

  2. University of Georgia Terry MBA with full funding along with stipend through an assistantship

  3. WashU Olin MBA with $50000 scholarships


  1. ASU: Waitlist

Finally a piece of advice:

The Scholar Den platform has been a huge blessing for me through out my journey. From accurate guidance on how to crack the GMAT to guidance on how to apply for the US Visa, the mentors of Scholar Den have made each step easier through their help. I urge every one to become a part of this platform to make the arduous journey of applying abroad a lot easier for your self!

All you really need is determination. If you have the right amount of determination, you can get a really good score and admissions within the limited time you have.

– Wajeeha