Complete Guidance on every aspect of admissions process to avail Scholarships in USA & Canada

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About this Service

This service includes a series of interactive workshops/sessions for 2 weeks.

Those students who are serious about USA & Canada admissions and need proper guidance can hire this service. We PROMISE you wont find these useful tips and sessions anywhere online.

These workshops will cover the following topics in detail:

1) Profile evaluation with respect to unique profiles
2) Statement of Purpose
3) CV & Resume
4) Shortlisting Techniques
5) Research Proposal
6) Tips and tricks of getting scholarships for both Masters and Ph.D. students
7) GRE/IELTS/TOEFL Preparation guidance (if applicable)
8) How to approach professors to get funding
9) Letter of Recommendations

These workshops will be conducted online by experts between 15 to 30 December, 2018.

Reviews (20)

Aiman Eman


afifa iqbal

2 monthsago


2 monthsago
Great Piece of advice

Hafsah Saeed

3 monthsago
very informative


4 monthsago
Good job

Mamoon Masud

4 monthsago
I was guided comprehensively for direct admission in USA and the workshops helped alot.

Sajad Ali

6 monthsago
028 boy 5

Muneeb Akram

7 monthsago
A great learning experience. Thanks Faisal bhai for the time and motivation.

Salman Ahmed

7 monthsago
Genuinely one of the best sessions I’ve attended.I have lot of confusions related to USA admission procedure but after this session my confusions are cleared. Sessions are very informative and detailed. Faisal and his team is doing excellent job.Thanks for the session. Really really worth it.

Areeb Iqbal

7 monthsago

Alamgir Afridi

7 monthsago
Roadmap to USA admissions is a complete workshop, I found it very helpful. After attending these workshops you will know about each and everything about Us admissions. Also u will learn how to write and prepare sop, CV, research proposal and recommendations letters,as there are separate session on each topic.Atlast I strongly recommend it to everyone to attend this workshop.And special thanks to Faisal bhai for arranging such useful workshop.

Haroon Rashid

7 monthsago
Highly Recommended. A must take workshop for applicants looking for admissions in USA.

Osaid Zahid

7 monthsago
This series of workshops were incredibly helpful as they covered a wide variety of topics. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get a clear idea of the US admissions process.

Huzaifa Arif

7 monthsago
This has been a wonderful experience.I got to know so many aspects of application that I had overlooked last time I applied. The mentors,particularly Faisal bahi,are great.I encourage everyone who wants to apply for graduate school to take this service. You will be amazed how easy it is to apply to US if you implement all the tips that the mentors teach you.

Hasan Ali Khan

8 monthsago
It is a very useful and wonderful experience. All mentors are friendly and have good knowledge.

Afkar Hussain

8 monthsago
Entire workshop was very helpful. These sessions should be recorded and participants should get recordings immediately due to fact that some paricipants may miss the session or due to technical issues one may not listen properly and secondly grasping the content in one time is also difficult. Secondly this kind of worshops should start from early Septmeber in order to gain more benefit.

Muatar Fatima

8 monthsago
I totally found these sessions full of inspirational mentors who guided us with in the most possible way one can inspire any aspirant for best higher studies.


8 monthsago
I would like to thank Scholar Den for providing all essential information required for availing scholarships. The best part was, authentic profiles were shared with real life examples, which was quite motivating and helpful. Now I am confident about investing better and planning proper for my goals!
029 boy 4

Muhammad Naek Alam

8 monthsago
Recent session I attended was very amusing. Before this , I had no any idea about admission in USA as well as other high ranking countries like UK ,Canada , how to evaluate profile in proper way, SOP, CV, Shortlisting Techniques, Research Proposal,Tips & Tricks of foreign Scholarships MS and PhD, GRE/IELTS/TOFEL Preparations, LOR and how to approach professors for funding and fulfilled all aspects completely as the objectives discussed before the session. Every objective has vital role for the abroad admission . I think it was one of the most important blessing of Allah to make me have such a great opportunity giving me a glimpse of my future studies after graduation. Bundles of thanks to Faisal Bhai, Ms Sara Sultan,Mr Usama and whole team making crystal clear picture about the topics. I strongly recommend such workshop for successful admissions.
031 boy 2

A Ali

8 monthsago
Roadmap to USA Fully Funded Scholarships online workshop was excellent experience. After attending all the sessions, I realized that my knowledge about USA application process and securing admission and funding was very less. But after attending the sessions, I learnt all the tips and tricks about USA admission applying process. Before the workshop, I neither aware of what should be the format of CV/Resume nor I was aware the difference between CV and resume, also I were not in position to prepare good CV/resume but Faisal Bhai teaches us the techniques of how prepare good CV/resume. I heard about shortlisting universities but how to do it, honestly I were zero knowledge before the sessions with Faisal Bhai. Ms. Sara Sultan, Mr. Rabe Arshad and Mr. Usama teaches scholarship winning techniques in sessions. Ms. Sara Sultan and Mr. Rabe Arshad have very deep knowledge of writing SOP and research proposal. Their teaching method was superb. I strongly recommend this workshop to every student who want to apply USA for MS/PhD, you will feel the difference after attending the workshop. Huge thanks to Faisal Bhai, Ms. Sara Sultan, Mr. Rabe Arshad and Mr. Usama.