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Information Technology University, Lahore is an emerging IT University offering courses in CS, Electrical Engineering, Management & Technology, Economics with Data Science.
Why ITU? The No. 1 reason is of Faculty. It's not like any other university just marketing with the tag "Foreign Qualified Faculty". It has faculty from 'top foreign schools' visit to see what ITU has to offer.
The second reason is that being a research institute, their focus is on learning, not just the credential, which so far is no longer the motive of many universities as every other university is out there for Profit. ITU is a Semi-Government institute so they don't need funds, they need outstanding students for the better research environment.
Thirdly, The connections you'll make while studying in an IT Center i.e. Arfa Karim Tower will help you with your employment and internships.
So it is a very good option for Students. Contact me if you want information about their admissions as they don't have a conventional system of admissions, they also conduct interviews.

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