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Fulbright Mentor for Masters candidate in Mechanical Engineering and Renewable Energy.

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Ahmad Hassan

11 monthsago
Very friendly, sincere and helpful.
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11 monthsago
OK, so while I write this, who ever is reading, read it all please, because there are less words in my dictionary to describe, how professional, helping, caring most of all 'GOOD' at mentoring Mustafa bhai is. I mean I've had people help me before, help me out of their way as well, but saying Mustafa bhai helped me out of his way, would be dull into comparison of how much he did for me. The sheer story telling power that he has, his coherence, his words and his style of writing, not only inspires you but, the small changes he makes, literally makes the whole deal 'powerful' to say the least. When I came to him, I had no SOP, SO, or even a clue of what the Fulbright wanted from us, he not only helped me through writing each page 7-8 times, with comments, sentence changes and an 'UMPH', a Punch, a flare, but he also gave me advice about everything outside the Fulbright process as well. I wish I could poke him every time I had a problem if it weren't intruding at the highest level, because quite frankly, the help I've gotten from mentors and idols before, just dulls in comparison. But man if you get a chance to get help from this man, please do, and please pray for people like him and Faisal bhai, who do it altruistically. May Allah give everyone on this platform more success. Insha Allah and Ameen. :')


12 monthsago
Excellent reviews thanks.