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I am an experienced mentor and in this service, I would give you dedicated time through one to one counselling session (in person or skype) and analyse your entire profile. Through an extensive assessment, this will help me understand your strengths and weaknesses with respect to foreign admission process. Then, I will suggest how to smartly apply for scholarships and foreign admissions. I have over 15 years of professional career counselling experience, have been awarded Fulbright scholarship and also worked in USA, UK, Europe and Pakistan and helped thousands of students.

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It was excellent

Muhammad Bilal

The mentor was good

Zarmeen Shahzad

025 man 1

Saad Jamil

3 monthsago
Really helpful.

Taimoor Ghazanfar

4 monthsago
Mentor was very knowledgeable.

Muhammad ahmad khan

5 monthsago

Ahsan Sami

5 monthsago
Very helpful! Highly recommended.

Aneeqa Ijaz

7 monthsago
Very honest and cooperative. Faisal bhai pointed my weakness and guided me on how I can overcome and highlight my strong aspects.


8 monthsago
Great review, mentor took the time to explain the whole process. I'd use SD in the future.

Abdul Ahad Khan

9 monthsago
A chat with Faisal bhai provides a good understanding of the critical aspects of funding, visa policy and suitability of degress and universities to your profile. I must thank him for providing me with this clarity in a very professional manner. We are still connected and he is determined to see my case through till the end.

anaher132 Pakistan

9 monthsago
Excellent Experience

Maria Khan

9 monthsago
Excellent Experience


10 monthsago
I am planning to apply for the MBA in US Business schools this year and even i had shortlisted the schools based on my profile. I was very confident that i used the right approach for schools shortlisting but after this mentoring session i get to know that i missed some key factors while shortlisting. The best part about this session was that Faisal bhai mapped all the possible scenarios and this will help me in not only targeting the schools properly but also arranging the required funding. Moreover, before this session i was totally unaware of the H1b visa issues going on from last couple of years. Lastly, Thanks Faisal bhai for your guidance. Hope your guidance will help me in securing an admission in highly ranked B school this year. Highly recommended!

Shama Chaudhry

10 monthsago
If you are seeking a sincere career counselling then Scholar Den will never disappoint you in this regard. I am searching for words that can describe my happiness about your service. I do not have words that can express my gratitude. The session was very informative, no doubt Faisal Bhai is a great mentor and an affectionate human being. He will give you full attention, listens you and then come up with the best solution. He helped me in outlining my goals. I know what to do now to achieve my objectives. Faisal bhai is a great motivator he will increase your confidence and believe in you and encourages you to follow your dreams. Thank you for your career guidance and I will not hesitate to contact you in future or refer you to anyone I come across.

Ahmed Nawaz Janjua

10 monthsago
I was confused about applying to universities in the US. Faisal bhai really gave me a path to look forward to and helped me select universities to apply to where I can potentially get funding. He also connected me to his other students that made the admissions process far less distressing than it is.

Muhammad Dawood

10 monthsago
Faisal is a great mentor as he listen to all the details that you have to offer and guides you according to your strengths, weaknesses and requirements. I would really recommend him to people who have no idea on what to do next as Faisal never leaves you alone and guides you through every step of process.

Muhammad Taseer Ali

10 monthsago
An enlightening session with the mentor. Got many misconceptions cleared. I highly recommend Scholar Den mentors.

Fatima Ansari

10 monthsago
Good informative session
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Sarah Zafar

10 monthsago
As being a part of Scholar Den for 2 years now, this personalized one to one session is hands down one of the best experiences I've had along with a lot of valuable insights. Faisal bhai is a great listener, understands fully what the other person wants and then guide accordingly. He didn't even hesitate to share his personal experiences when he first went abroad and it was an eye opener. My overall perspective has changed. It's amazing to have a mentor that passionate, energetic and eager to help others with such a positive mindset. Thanks for showing me this new possibility in life. I'm forever indebted. Loads of duas.


11 monthsago
I had such a great college counselling session with Faisal. He informed of the perfect mba opportunities based on my gmat and profile. His in-depth knowledge of the US admissions process and scholorships really helped me put a lot of things in perspective and chalk out my next steps. He's a great guide for anyone looking to pursue their masters!

Dr. Kashif Hussain

11 monthsago
A thorough explanation of how and when to proceed.... i would recommend Faisal sir for one-on-one for clarity on the process

Muhammad Rameez

11 monthsago
It was my first experience about Career Counseling and I came to know it is wise investment. i get more than what i expected. Faisal bhai is very co-operative and kind. He provided me a basic road map about direct admissions and scholarships in USA. I strongly recommend every student to attend the session.


11 monthsago
Faisal bhai is a great source of support for all those who are beginners for gre like me. Highly motivated n encouraged by him. I got to know a lot about gre n admissions in US from him.
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Saman Iftikhar

11 monthsago
Faisal has been an honest guidance for me. he has experience and expertise required in a guide in this particular domain. Hoping to study in US, he is your guy!


11 monthsago
Very impressive, straight highlighted my weak areas, and explain what i should need to do in perusing my master.

Arif Korejo

11 monthsago
Simply amazing!!

sohaib safdar

11 monthsago
Faisal is one of the most down to earth and humble career coach I have meet despite of his illustrious educational as well as professional career. The advice he gives is purely objective with no bias for any institution or country. I would highly recommend Faisal for people who are not only looking to secure admission abroad but also who are at ground zero and do not know which direction to go and what to do with their lives.

Muhammad Bilal Siddiqui

12 monthsago
I booked a one on one session with Faisal Bhai to have a discussion with him regarding my career objective and field of study. He carefully listened to my queries and helped me figure out what program should I go with for my further studies. Regarding Fulbright, he helped me refine my application and helping me with my CV and formatting it. This session was very useful for me and I recommend others to go for it. Thank you Faisal Bhai for the session :)

Osama Safeer

12 monthsago
A real fulbright expert!

Qasim Naeem

12 monthsago
I can sum up this one on one session in afew words and those are that this session gives you the clarity you need to do what you want to do. My session has been so fruitful for me in terms that Faisal was able to specifically pinpoint the errors I was making with my interview taking skills. The kind of approach he suggested allowed me to improve considerably. He is man of very strong calibre and I would strongly recommend him as a counsellor.

Momind Khan

12 monthsago
I am totally satisfied with the services provided by Scholar Den. The utility far exceeds the cost, as the mentor thoroughly guides through various opportunities available worldwide for any individual seeking foreign education and employment. I highly recommend a session with a mentor of Scholar Den for everyone to seize the potential opportunities.

Muhammad Faizyab Ali

12 monthsago
It was an eye opening and a very informative session, whereby I was apprised of my shortcomings right away.
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Waqas ur Rehman

12 monthsago
It was a detailed session with Faisal bhai who helped me sort out possible weaknesses in my profile and CV and assisted me with potential improvements in my overall profile for both Fulbright and direct US admissions with funding. I highly recommend him for school shortlisting as well. It was totally worth spending 2500 PKR for this session. May Allah Pak help you in your future initiatives for sending us to Amreeka :) Ameen.


12 monthsago
Mr. Faisal's round the clock support and motivation was amazing. He gave as much time as I needed and was patient. Anyone who is planning to apply and get placed at top graduate program in US can hugely benefit from his knowledge. Thank you for building my confidence and improving my ability.
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Subhan Khan

12 monthsago
Faisal Sb is great mentor . He thoroughly guide me in every aspect . May Allah bless him and his family with all kindness, happiness and success of this world . Truly enjoyed the session and learned a lot . Pakistan is blessed country to have asset like faisal sb
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12 monthsago
Since the Fulbright and Admission season is in full swing, i am a classic example of an apprehensive student. I decided to request Mr. Faisal for his services not only to overcome my mistakes or weaknesses but also to sketch for myself a path, an itinerary rather, to realize my aspirations into a reality one day. Needless to mention, Mr. Faisal was precise and categorically clear as to what's wanting and what's present in my general profile. Like other students, i did have a lot of stereotyped understanding embedded in my mind and it did help a lot to discuss those constructively and figure out a way to deal with the need of the application over the next few months. I do wish that this forum and mentors like Mr.Faisal and others excel so that we may witness an emerging dominoes effect for better academic opportunities for academia in Pakistan. Once again sir, thanks a lot for your time and guidance. I do intend to follow up on the strategy set and make your effort worthwhile eventually insha Allah.

Muhammad Saqlain haider

12 monthsago
Sir you are great mentor, excellent motivator and dedicated person. May Allah bless you with success in every part of life.

Salik Aziz

12 monthsago
Faisal has been a very helpful source of guidance throughout my pursuit of MBA. From choice of test to choice of schools. Faisal advised me on how I can improve my performance and success rate. When I started of and struggled woth GMAT it was faisal who advised me switch to GRE,and it worked! Similarly when I was applying for schools, Faisal insisted on few specific schools based on my career aspirations and eventually he proved to be right! His foriegn experience, fullbright experience and academic experiences allow him to provide you a well rounded advice which is a key to fruitful mentorship. He also helped me maximize my chances for scholarship by pushing ne to apply earlier than I had planned. I can confidently say that if it was not for Faisal's mentorship I would not have been in as comfortable position as I am today to embark for ny MBA journey.
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Tayyaba Iftikhar

It’s my first time that i had contacted a career expert to help me in choosing what’s most appropriate for me. I was a bit nervous about this session that how can someone help me if i am perplexed about myself. But today’s session with Mr. Faisal Khan proved me wrong and am glad that finally i ended up to a right person. He pinpointed my weak areas while exploring my strengths and made me clear in my head that how can i achieve what i really want. I must say that this was the most helpful session i have in my life. Now m seeing things with more clarity and utter determination. God bless you, Mr Faisal. I will definitely recommend him to everyone who is struggling with career hazards.


it was a wonderful experience ,your advice and tips regarding my career goals my so clear and concise and i feel so good after having this informative session with the respectable Faisal bhai i would encourage others avail this impressive service if tey

Muhammad ahmad khan

Faisal bhai is a truly a great altruistic..I recommend to have career counselling session with him.Unlike other stereotype academies and Gre mentors ,Scholarden and Faisal bhai listen to your every question calmly and give answer to every query and equally appropriate guidance.

Fahim Kazmi

This was one of the most informative sessions I have ever had in my life. Mr. Faisal's advice was detailed and to the point. He answered all of my concerns with great detail thanks to his diverse experience and profound knowledge regarding the universities. I would highly recommend anyone who is serious about applying abroad to book a session with him before starting their work.