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Here is an expert who can build a professional resume for you, which will increase your acceptance rate.

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over 1 yearago
I would like to thank Mr. Rabe Arshad for preparing a neat, well organized resume for me. He was really patient throughout the request made and made sure i checked and responded to any edits needed. He also cleared all and any confusions before diving into creating this masterpiece. Thank you so much sir! I would highly recommend Mr.Rabe for his services.
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Shakir Shakoor Khatti

over 1 yearago
Thank you so much, Sir. Rabe Arshad, for your valuable services. No doubt, the services are commendable. :)
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afzal ali

over 1 yearago
Thank you so much Rabe Arshad for the resume. It is one of the best resume. You are very co-operative. I will suggest others to consult with him for Professional resume
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Muhammad Farooq

over 1 yearago
Mr. Rabe Arshad is a great human I have come across on Scholar Den. He is very cooperative. I hired him for resume. First, he looked at my resume, then shared several templates. I did not like any of them, though they were great templates but i had slight different priorities. I looked for a simple one. I shared a template with him and asked him to develope my CV accordingly. In the process, he shared several drafts of the cv and each time he incorporated my concerns. I was very meticulous and pointed out even small typos. He even searched my publicatons online and corrected the information that I even did not share with him (impressed me so much). If I would be confused about something that whether I should mention it in my cv or not he would guide me. Believe me he created a winderful cv. I like it so much. He did a great job. I am so happy to have hired him. Its worth a try. Please avail is services if you are unhappy with your resume or have doubts about it whether it would look great to the prospective employer or schoarhip award commitee. Its a great experience, don't miss it. I hope Rabe stays with scholar den. Thank you so much scholar den and thank you so much to my mentor, Rabe Arshad.

Sahiba Mudasir Khan

over 1 yearago
I contacted Rabe Arshad for reviewing my resume and give his professional feedback. I must say, he was highly cooperative, responsive and gave his output which helped me with my resume design. I definitely recommend his services to anyone whose applying for scholarships, fellowships or jobs !!


over 1 yearago
I would recommend everyone to avail this super fast service of Mr. Rabe. He did an amazing job to update my resume. The most important thing about their service is that until you're not satisfied unlimited revision he offers. There is considerable flexibility, offering clients with such low cost is fabulous!