Fred J. Hansen Summer Institute on Leadership and

International Cooperation

The Hansen Summer Institute on Leadership and International Cooperation is a fully funded 3-week program that stresses on making an international community of young people who will use their experience to create a peaceful future. The main highlights of this program are hands-on training in team building, public speaking, meditation, team work and negotiation. 20 scholars selected from countries around the world work together to solve international problems, which promotes their listening skills and offers them a platform for international cooperation and collaboration. Additionally, scholars attend classroom training along with excursions to local attractions and a cruise.

Application Deadline: 9th January 2018

Location of the program: San Diego, California, USA

Duration: 3 weeks

Cost: Fully funded – Includes airfare, room and board, program related costs

Doesn’t include passport cost, U.S. visa cost, spending money

Eligibility Criteria for Non-US students:

  1. Students must be undergraduates in their 3rd year of college/university or graduate interested in starting a career in the fields of international relations, diplomacy, international economic development etc.

  2. Age of the student must be between 20-25 years as of July,1 2018.

  3. Students must have leadership experience and should have demonstrated social initiative outside the classroom; in the community, country or internationally in the form of social work, services for any NGO etc.

  4. Students must have an academic advisor who can verify their English proficiency.

  5. Students must have a valid U.S visa before the start date of the program

  6. Students who have never visited the U.S before will be given preference.

Application Process:

Complete the online application form.

Application Tips:

  1. Recommendation Letters:

You will be required to upload the details of two “referees”, who will give a recommendation for your participation in the program on your behalf. The Academic Referee (from your college/university) and Non-Academic Referee (from a NGO or similar organization). Try to get your referees to fill out the recommendation form he/she will receive in their email as soon as possible. A delay in the recommendation might cause you to lose your shot at a place in the program.

  1. Academic Transcripts:

It doesn’t matter if you’re not an A student. The purpose of demanding a transcript is to make sure that you are a student who can manage academic activities with their daily routine.

  1. Essay Questions:

Essay questions will allow the deciding authority to determine why you deserve a place at their program. The three things you must keep in mind when answering these questions are:

The truth; be as authentic, expressive and passionate as you can.

Paint a real-life picture; Try to express the ills that exist in your society as close as possible to their reality and how you are trying to make a difference. Don’t sugar coat anything.

Don’t be modest; The words you write are the only representation of you as a person to the deciding authorities. Try to make your answers worth the read without becoming irrelevant.


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