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I wrote my GRE for the second time and I scored 338/340 – 170/170 in Quant and 168/170 in Verbal.

I would highly recommend Scholarden to anyone aiming to achieve a high score in GRE Quant. The question bank on Scholarden’s website has questions that are quite similar to the ones in the real exam. I had access to a plethora of other GRE prep material, and I must emphasize that Scholarden’s prep material does standout. I scored 170/170 for Quant, and I believe Scholarden played an active role in helping me achieve it. I learned several tips and tricks which helped me save time, and therefore I had enough time left to recheck some of the questions which confused me. For someone who is already strong in Quant and wishes to achieve a near perfect score, I would recommend you try out the medium and hard questions from the Quant section.

GRE like any other exam can be mastered. It requires patience and perseverance. Reading significantly improves your verbal score. I recommend every time you come across an unknown word, try to guess its meaning and look it up in the dictionary. Make dictionary your best friend. Vocabulary lists do help initially, however, if you do not use the words, you are likely to forget them. Start using the new vocab words in your day to day conversations so that the words stick in your long term memory. I highly recommend reading classic literature ( for example books by Jane Austen). I recommend that you try out for improving your RC score. I started off with grade 8 and was able to reach and maintain grade 12.

Komal K Pakistan
338 (170 Q, 168 V)

I had taken the GRE a year back, and scored 317 (159 Q, 158 V). I didn't spend enough time dedicatedly on prep and a week before the exam, I went through few exercises from random resources and attempted some mocks. This time when I thought of re-taking the test, I decided to check out Scholarden as I needed to improve my quant scores. I scored 333(167 V, 166 Q) this time after prepping for 1.5 months.

For verbal, I honestly didn't spend a lot of time. I just kept revising words and practiced the questions on Scholarden.

For quant, I practiced the Scholarden questions difficulty level wise. After completing each level, the diagnostics helped me identify my weak/average areas and I spent time revising those concepts and practicing more questions from that particular area. Also, previously I had trouble finishing all questions in the quant section in the given time, which made me more nervous during the exam. Scholarden shows the time taken to solve each question, which helped me improve my speed and this time I was way more relaxed during the exam.

Kuhelika Ghosh India
333 (167 Q, 166 V)

I scored a 325(Q170, V 155) in the GRE. Scholarden questions really helped me. The level of difficulty and trickiness in the scholarden questions parallels that on the Real GRE. Consequently the Real GRE became a cake walk for me.

Quant: After revising the basic fundamental of mathematics, I started solving ScholarDen questions. They were very many and very tricky and challenging as well, I solved all the scholarden questions twice, This opens up my mind to all the tricks Ets threw at me on the day of my exam. I knew exactly what to do, the trick behind each questions I even saw some familiar questions in terms of method of approach mostly in the Algebra and Geometry. Verbal: Scholarden verbal lessons and questions were very helpful

Wisdom Daniel Nigeria
325 (170 Q, 155 V)

First of all its my privilege to share my experience on this scholarden platform.

I had high hopes and aspirations soon after post graduation but no blueprint to know my way around the realm. I decided to appear for GRE in mid June, 2019. I went through math cheatsheet formulas, some vocab words and wrote the test. No surprise, I scored 294 (Q144, V150). Luckily,I stumbled upon scholarden platform and its mentor who outlined a step by step preparation plan for me based on my current and target scores. He also asked me to share my progress on continuous basis and after every mock test so that he could guide me better.

It was not linear. It started into unchartered waters and a strange territory it was, for instance maths, a subject which i've always found to be quite unsympathetic towards me now took the centre stage in my new journey. And I learnt that the only way out was by making my way through it. There were moments when I felt so alone, defeated and lost. There were times when i would study till 3:AM and after an hour of sleepless break, I would be back at it at 4:30 AM and continued studying throughout the day heavily induced with caffeine. There were times when i collapsed under extreme stress.But that's not the only obstacle i faced, things get worse when changing behaviours of people whom u thought would never leave u alone but instead shrivelled up to "Et tu brutus" moments. I studied on my birthday, on Eid,during family get togethers because thats how i was scared of failure but it was all worth it when i saw my 329 scores on the screen. That feeling was surreal.

My Take on Verbal:
My study session was divided between timed and untimed practice. I watched strategy videos on Scholarden . It helped me pick up the fundamentals. I personally found it beneficial. I am a slow learner so i went through all the modules twice.It taught me how the passages are structured, how to skim through the details and look for the text markers such as "However, Yet" etc. It also helped me understand how to identify logical connections and so on.

My take on Quant:
It is definitely difficult than last year. In order to improve my scores, I just made sure to work on my concepts. I practiced each and every question from the above resources. Then I moved to Scholarden .Started with easy questions first, reviewed my mistakes then medium, followed the same process and hard. I found their videos quite helpful because they were sharing shortcuts. Those ScholarDen questions were pretty similar to the new GRE style questions, which are also very tricky and time consuming.

S.S Pakistan
329 (Q 163, V 166)
35 Points Improvement

I scored 170 out of 170 in the GRE Quant. ScholarDen played role of its own in that. ScholarDen is literally good for quant.

The Quality of it's hard and above level questions are really good, especially Permutation, Combination and Probability. Also, I felt ScholarDen questions were similar to real GRE difficulty level.

Pahul Preet Singh India
Perfect Quant 170/170

I just took the GRE(150V, 167Q) and here are my thoughts.

For Verbal, I watched scholarden video lessons to understand the fundamentals of English and later I read articles on daily basis and solved ETS and ScholarDen Questions.

Finally, in quants I have some recommendations for you:

If you want to score +160, ETS Material is not enough. Manhattan and Scholarden are good options, specially for tricky questions. You can find there harder problems than in the real test but only practicing those kind of problems you will be able to solve them on time. Scholarden has a very useful tool that displays your performance, just try to have a pace average of 100s max.

Michael Leyton Bradley Peru
317 (167 Q, 150 V)

Hi guys, my name is Tomiwa.. I recently gave the GRE and I scored a 324: Q161 V163.

I'll forever be indebted to scholarden platform and its mentor on their website; the mentors guided me for free, gave me pointers on how to improve my performance all the way.

SCHOLARDEN truly helped me to improve my skiills and learn tricks that people are susceptible to and to build my stamina; my exam questions were very similar to scholarden questions I saw there...very time consuming.

Lawal Tomiwa Nigeria
324 (Q161 V163)

I just appeared for GRE today. Thankyou for you guidance. You made it possible to improve 11 points in a month's time, which is enough to all the schools that I am applying. Thank you

Kajal Shah USA
11 Point Improvement in 1 month

I took my diagnostic test scores and scored 290. After going though Scholarden resources, I improved my score to 308, which is 18 points improvement.

Verbal overall was easy, 1000 words were enough to score well. What they seem to test more is your understanding of complex structure, and materials used were Scholarden lessons and practice questions along with ETS.

For Quant, it is true that you need to know concepts thoroughly, many questions that seemed hard could be solved quickly by knowing concepts. In my case I was scoring 153-156 in my last PP tests but I think my weakness was not timing my practice enough, thus on test day I panicked and scored 2-3 points less.

I'd like to thank ScholarDen for helping me with which materials to use and being so helpful with any questions I've had along the way.

Susanna UK
18 Points Improvement (290 to 308)

I took my GRE Test and scored 318 (166 Q and 152 V).

During the intiial days of my preparation I was scoring 150s in Quant and 141 in Verbal.

My friends recommended me scholarden. What I found that scholarden involves a lot of tricky questions that I didn't find in other resources and it really helped me to tackle the tricky qeustions.

Lastly I would thank ScholarDen for mentoring me and supporting me when I was struggling.

Abrar A K Bangladesh
318 (Q 166, V 152)

I took my GRE in 2019 and scored very low 293. I was very disappointed, so I decided to start preparing for GRE few months back.

My diagnostic scores didn't show a concrete understanding of concepts so I went through ScholarDen sources to learn, it did help me to improve my concepts. For verbal section Scholarden videos really helped to understand the structure of question. The pivotal source of learning was scholarden quant. The questions were similar with the difficulty level of real test qs.This broadned my thoughts about quant.I really appreciate cooperation by ScholarDen GRE Mentors.

Danish Pakistan
314 (161 Q, 153 V)
21 Points Improvement

I took my GRE Exam today and want to share my experience with you. Score: 152v/165q. Mocks score: 143 V/ 159 Q, Preparation time: ~2 Months I began preparing for it about two months ago, but my plan was quite unstructured, so it did not help me a lot. I highly recommend you to have a firm preparation plan and to adhere to it.

I was quite worried about that part because learning words by heart was not my cup of tea. But on the exam although I knew many words I could not solve the questions easily. I think this is a new strategy by ETS. They give you easy words but complexly structured sentences. So focus on that. Try to practice understanding complex structures. Then I also took some advice from ScholarDen mentors because I got bad results from practice tests and was really worried about my verbal.

Do not underestimate the quant part. It is really not easy. Take your time to prepare yourself for it. I used only Scholarden. Of course, work with problems on Scholarden. They are very similar to those on the real Exam. That is all. I would like to thank again ScholarDen mentors for helping me to get motivated and work on my RC and use Scholarden for my quant part.

Good Luck to you all!

Farid Hamidov Azerbaijan
GRE 317 (165 Q, 152 V)
15 Points Improvement

I had to prepare for the GRE test and my university requirement was 160 in Quant, and they didnt have any verbal requirements.

First things first, for Quant, Scholarden questions are perfect. They're really GRE-like. The questions of this platform is a must have as they prepare you for the actual test.

For verbal, I can't comment about it much as I didn't study verbal much in Scholerden. I watched a few videos only their teaching seems to be good, BUT again my main concern was Quant, so not sure about it.
To be honest, I was shocked when I first interacted with your Quant questions and if you can keep it at this quality in the future, students always be lucky to discover the platform.

Ahmet Akdeniz Turkey
314 (164 Q/150 V)
15 Points Improvement

Hi everyone,

I took my GRE Test twice in the last 40 days roughly.
First Real Test: I took on 13 April 2020 and scored 323 overall (V 156, Q 167)
Second Real Test: I took my test on 10 May 2020 and scored 324 (v 156, Q 168).

First Test Preparation:
I am an engineer by profession, so I was always good at basic maths. I started my preparation from ETS books and then I solved all its practice questions. As I wanted to score a high GRE score, so my target was to get close to 170 in Quant. So someone recommended me Scholar Den Questions set, so I started practicing it. The Scholar Den Quant Questions were very tricky and of high quality, so I tried to finish all of them. My overall accuracy was 77% on all Scholar Den 350 Questions.

Verbal: For verbal it's all about knowing positive and negative shifts in TC and SE and I relied on RC as a major part. I took the test and scored 323, with 167 in quant and 156 in verbal.

After this, I wanted to retake my GRE test, so I decided to take it after 3 weeks and booked my test on 10 May, 2020. In my 2nd attempt, I tried to improve my quant to 170 and verbal to 160, but due to time constraints, I was able to get 168 in Quant and 156 in verbal, so I tried the newly added questions on the ScholarDen platform and got the overall score of 324.

I took one ETS mock only and scored 315( Q:160, V: 145).

Test Day Experience:
I have a comfortable quiet room and good quality internet speed at home, so my home exam experience was great overall and it was identical to the real test. One should have a whiteboard and a camera.

My personal experience:
Since I initially relied on ETS which I personally felt, the quant resources are not updated and the level of those questions is not difficult as compared to the real GRE. I found Scholarden quant questions could actually match 40% of my main exam questions which appeared there, so I decided to stick with that resource in my 2nd attempt too.

All the best guys.

Sai Praneeth India
GRE 324 (Q 168)

Hi guys. 16 March, 2020 I appeared for the GRE again. My previous GRE score was 140verbal and 167 maths. I prepared for 15 days now on a daily basis for 6 hrs. This time, my score is 151and 169.
I prepared myself though scholarden. I found scholarden very very useful especially in mathematics. Verbal is also equally very fertile for GRE. Reading Comprehension questions for Verbal are given meticulously. Questions are really good. Apart from verbal, in the real GRE exam I found some of the Quantitative questions are exact same as that of Scholarden. I recommend you guys take scholarden once. It's also very cheap. Scholarden accuracy will play a lot. My mathematics accuracy in scholarden was 81% And verbal was 45%.

I hope this is useful to you guys.

Kumar Purin Tripathy India
GRE 320 (Q 169 / V 151)

I gave my GRE test 3 days ago. scored 322 out of 340,160 in Verbal and 162 in quant. I got to know about Scholarden in the last month only, I wish i had known about it earlier, The Test Questions were pretty similar to Scholarden questions, Scholarden prepared me very well to tackle quant questions in general and geometry questions in particular which comprised the majority of Quant questions in the test. I just skimmed through Scholarden's verbal Section due to lack of time, but the brief time that i gave it strengthened my verbal concepts.

GRE Home Test Day Experience:
I took GRE at home, However I, d suggest if anyone can give at Center, Do not take the test at home, Why? Ran into a lot of Technical problems, Firstly The test jammed in the third section , Proctor didn't know what to do, got transferred to a technical department, Installed and uninstalled The browser a couple of times, Restarted the computer a couple of times during the test, Reset the internet Router a couple of time, The section restarted and the same problem followed again after the break, Again i got transferred to a technical department, Again similar proceedure got followed and it took more than 2 hours to get the test back again and apprehension set in about what would happen if it crashed again, My PC is core i7 Do not know what the problem was, All in All the whole test took more than 6 hours so the moral of the Story is, Take the test at Center if you can. Who knows i might have 2-3 points higher if i gave the test Center, However the proctors and the technical dept at ProctorU were very generous, did all they could to solve the problem and allowed me to go to washroom during the breaks.

Abdullah Ahmed Pakistan
Q 322, (162 Q, 160V)

I took my exam from home in the first week of may after my scheduled exam got cancelled due to covid situation.
I scored 317, Q 158. The test was similar to ETS powerpreps and my score is close to what I got on those mocks. I worked on my basic concepts since I belong from medical background and had been out if touch from maths for years. Side by side, I got scholarden subscription from beginning and solved questions as per topics I was studying. It immensely help me to aggregate my concepts. The question pool is definitely very varied, gives great grip on concepts and videos are super helpful.
Then I did all three ETS guides cover to cover and paper based tests with timer given in the book. Almost 2 months of prep around 2 hours everyday.

Thanks for your help throughout! ScholarDen is amazing.

A.I Pakistan
317 (Q 158)

Have passed GRE today, decided to take GRE in the middle of January so I did not have much time to prepare. I looked through many materials (including Manhattan 5 lb, 8 books of Manhattan and Kaplan's and Barron's materials and looked through Scholarden materials twice). What I want to say: If you want to establish good math base and if you don't have it, looking through printed materials will be good for you. But actual tasks were really difficult (and I nearly freaked out haha). But scholarden is something you really need for such cases. I haven't done vocab at all cause I simply do not need it and finally my scores were 160 for quant and 145 for vocab.So if you want to get a good score in quant, check scholarden 🥳

Sofya Konchakova Russia
Q (160)

My diangostic test scores were 298. I took 4 monthes for preparation and then practiced scholarden.
Finally I got 312.

Test questions were tricky as scholarden questions.

Scholarden platform helps me lot especially in conceptual and time consuming questions. In my view, it is undoubtedly an apt platform for the quant preparation of GRE.

Malay Mondal India
14 Points Improvement

So I happened to use scholarden’s platform 3 month subscriptio. I leanred the fundamental concepts from both quant and verbal section. The video lessons on verbal side are very helpful to understand complex sentences and the hard questions were really challenging and pushed me off my limits. I learnt new concepts in a short period of time, the video explanations were pretty self explanatory. I thoroughly enjoyed solving the questions. These questions no doubt helped me in scoring 162 in quant and 152 in verbal.

R.A Pakistan
314 (Q 162, V 152)

Scholarden quant section is really suitable for GRE test.. The quant section of Scholarden is pretty similar to GRE. Also, the lessons of the verbal section are really helpful to understand complex sentences and face hard type question..

Nafis Bangladesh

Hello sir, i gave my gre on 17th of september and scored a total of 308 ( verbal 152; quant 156) with overall score improvement of 14 points. I am very grateful for your guidance and support which helped me push through it.. thank you very much sir.. Well first i was frightened about everything.. especially going through the same stuffs after my first trial.. but then a friend of mine encourage me, supported me enough to have much strength to go for it again.. he is the one who introduced me to ScholarDen.. and ScholarDen GRE mentorship was a further boon for me.. i owe this gre score to you and my friend.. your guidance and his support made it possible for me.. all i would say is just we need to have a mentor to show us a path when we are lost and when we find our pace all we need to do is have little faith on ourselves then i guess everything is possible..

Aastha Gautam India
14 Points Improvement

I took my GRE test on 30th May, 2020 and I scored 152 in Verbal and 163 in Quant.

I spent the last 6-7 days using Scholarsden.I think the advantage of scholarsden was that I got more confidence in solving the questions especially in the Quant Section.It helped me to improve my quant score by 7 marks. In the real test, I found the Quant portion average in difficulty mainly because I think I was well prepped up for it.
For the preparation of verbal part,I focused on getting to know the concept behind the passages and the questions.I think once u find the understand what the sentences/passages are trying to say,you'll have a better chance at scoring good.That was my majn focus in my preparation and ultimately in my test.
Overall, in the test, I found that the verbal part was trickier than the quant portion.

As is the norm nowadays,I gave the GRE at home and it went quite well without much issues.Someone posted an issue a few days back abt internet speed not being found.the proctoru help team is helpful.pls contact them on helpline atleast one day before the test and have them run the diagnostic on ur computer.if they are satisfied,you are good to go.

Muhammad Usman Khan Pakistan
315 (Q 163)

I took my GRE test yesterday and got 161 in quants ( i only did the quants part because i only need it)
I studies for like a month. To be honest scholarden benefited me the most because they are hard and so close to the test.
If you want a highscore i advice you to subscribe to scholarden this is not an ad it is an advice because the questions were harder than the real test and the methods were very similar.
My final advice is to work hard and not to get nervous on test day

Faisal Makansi Turkey
Quant 161

I had only 15 days for preparation for the GRE General Test. I gave different mocks in the first two days and could not score much in them (Verbal even less than 140). My friend suggested me to talk to a ScholarDen mentor for guidance. Who shared ScholarDen resources with me. I first practiced all freely available questions of quant and verbal section. The difficulty level of those questions is up to the mark and the explanations for each quant questions helped me a lot. This compelled me to subscribe to ScholarDen. I have only twelve days left. I just start practicing all the questions and watched their video explanations for each question. The best thing was the INSTANT feedback for any query regarding any question. I made my own vocabulary list based upon the options of the questions of ScholarDen’s verbal practice section. I know the meanings of all the words appeared in GRE. But I faced difficulty in understanding the structure of some of the questions, perhaps due to lack of adequate practice in this short period of time. In the end, I have done my GRE with 166 in the Quant section and 148 in Verbal sections. Because of ScholarDen I was able to convert those 140 into 148 within just 10 days of preparation and score 166 in Quant. Highly recommended for great preparation in less time.

Muhammad Talha Pakistan
GRE: Quant 162
Verbal 8 Points Improvement in 10 days

My GRE quant Score is 166. I got to know about ScholarDen very late and I just solved 135 ScholarDen Questions. ScholarDen question set and user interface is quite helpful and easy to use. Quality of questions are pretty good and it’s very close to the real GRE. Practicing the question set not only helped me to grow my skills and know my weak zone but also developed my confidence to face exam.

Pravin Poudel India
GRE: Quant 166

ScholarDen questions covered all the topics from quant. Litreally after practising all the 350 questions from ScholarDen, I improved a lot on my time management and understanding the complexity of problems.Thank you ScholarDen !!

Praveena Tati India
GRE: Quant 159
Quant 7 Points Improvement in 3 weeks

In 2018, I studied in one of the famous academies in Lahore, after paying a hefty amount and preparing for the GRE for a few months, I score terribly below 300. I was dishearted and I stopped dreaming about my higher education.

In late 2019, Universities admissions were close and I approached a ScholarDen mentor at ScholarDen for University Admission, He advised me to improve my GRE score. I hardly had one month, so I start preparing for the GRE. As I was dejected after my first attempt but then I was introduced to ScholarDen Verbal and Quant resources and I started working on ScholarDen questions which were very hard and they really pushed me to do better. The Verbal lectures are very useful as they introduce one to the structure of writing good English which is very beneficial for Analytical writing. The Verbal questions are very challenging and thought-provoking and prepare you for the actual test

ScholarDen mentor helped me in improving my Verbal score by 7 points, in just one month. His advice on the Verbal section is really helpful. It helped me overcome my weakness of lack of concentration in reading longer texts. A technique that really helped me in increasing my Verbal score. I was able to feel comfortable comprehending longer passages in the actual test.

In just a matter of 1 month, I was able to increase my GRE score by 14 points (7 points in Verbal and 7 points in Quant).

I wanted to score 65 percentile in Verbal, which I achieved after just one month of study. These days, I am applying for the admissions and wish you all the best of luck with your GRE preparations.

Zahra H. Pakistan
14 Points Improvement in 1 month

I have done my GRE with 162 in the Quant section and 145 in Verbal sections. Talking about Verbal being an Engineering student I did not focus on Verbal but I would like to say that All the mocks out there in the market is irrelevant related to Verbal. Verbal is about the context. All words in GRE were known to me but in context, I suffered.

Talking about the Quant section, I did 5 lb and 285 Quant Q's by ScholarDen and I had 80% correct answers. I would have scored 165+ but I messed up on the exam day. So I would like to recommend ScholarDen practice questions if you are aiming 165+ in Quant.

Study period: 2.5 month
Hours: 2-2.5 hours daily

Abdul Rehman Amjad Pakistan
GRE: Quant 162

I am currently based in Australia. I am tempted to jot down this review as I found ScholarDen an amazing source of preparation for the GRE test. I started my preparation with ETS guides and took the power prep mock test after a week. I managed to score a 160 and 150 in Quantitative and Verbal respectively. It was motivating, but as soon as I started practicing the ScholarDen GRE resources, I realized in order to score 165+ I need to work hard.

The question bank in ScholarDen is a well structured and well-organised set of practice problems, which covers the entire length and breadth of the GRE. The difficulty level is close to the actual GRE and each question stimulates thinking from a different perspective. The analytics and timed practices provide a good insight of one’s weaknesses and strengths. Moreover, the video tutorials are an added value with a dedicated team ready to mentor all the time. I strongly recommend ScholarDen to all the prospective test-takers.

Zulfiqar Ali Australia

I recently took the GRE test and scored 318 with 166 in Quant.

I would like to share my experience with you.

For Quant, I started studying various resources for concept building.

After going through all the concept building books and practice questions my score was in the range of 150-160. I tried very hard to cross 160 but it was not working.

I heard a lot of good reviews about ScholarDen and then I thought I will give it a try.

Then I tried the ScholarDen questions. The good thing about it was that each of the questions of ScholarDen requires a new logic and it improved my score significantly and it’s question's difficulty level was same as the real test and my score drastically improved to 165+ and finally I end up scoring 166 in the real test.

I would highly recommend ScholarDen if your aim is to get a good score in a short period of time

Pratik Shukla India
GRE 318, Quant 166

I had been following the ScholarDen for quite a while.

A ScholarDen mentor had been extremely helpful in providing all sorts of advice for the GRE preparation. Their GRE PREP questions were a major factor in my improvement in both Quant and Verbal. Both sections had the same difficulty level as the real GRE and the explanation videos were really helpful as well.

My diagnostic score was 290 and with 2 months preparation of understanding the concepts and practicing the ScholarDen question I was able to improve my score to 315 (161 Q,154V) The ScholarDen analytics helped me identify my weak points and my pace in comparison to others. ScholarDen was an essential part of my GRE Prep and had helped me to achieve my target score.

Muhammad Alam Pakistan
GRE 315, Quant 161
25 Points Improvement in 2 months

In 2018 I made up my mind to apply for Fulbright scholarship, as it was in trend and everyone was talking about this. So this was my first interaction with "foreign scholarships" and I don't have an idea how many difficult obstacles (especially GRE) would be there. I start preparing for the GRE and always considered myself the master of mathematics as I used to get 90% in my high school (obviously cramming) and was sure to get 165+ and guess what, I ended up with 148 only in Quant. Yeah, you read right, it's not a typo. I never had face such failure in life, so it disappointed me so much. But long story short I get provincial acceptance from king Fahd university and they give me limited time to submit GRE to get final approval. I was so scared and GRE becomes a nightmare for me. But I decided to challenge my fare and start collecting material again. But this time I decided to go for the right material rather than the "bulk of material". Manhattan books were extremely helpful but questions were not up to the mark (according to test-takers).

One day while scrolling down on Facebook, I come to know about ScholarDen questions and many people were recommending those. There were 200 questions. I tried to solve 2 3 questions but those were difficult and I just shut down my laptop. Frustration was at the peak, but I decided to face my fears and again went to those questions. After 50 questions I realized that my mind starts thinking differently and start looking for small points and shortcuts. It really changes my way of thinking.

I appeared for the test and scored 157 in Quant with just one month of preparation. I increased my scores by 9 points. Although those are still average scores, but those scores fulfil the requirement of my program.

I am extremely thankful to ScholarDen for proving such a big platform to students who can't afford expensive preparation material. And now I heard that they have extended their pool to 350 questions. I wish them the best of luck. ScholarDen is quite reliable, up to the mark, and relevant to the actual GRE.

Shahzeb A. Pakistan
Quant 157
9 Points Improvement in 1 month

I have a psychology major. I took my GRE and scored 320 with 168 in Quant. I would like to thank ScholarDen for their continuous support and guidance during my GRE preparation.

I would recommend solving ScholarDen's Quant practice questions as they are very similar to the real test difficulty level.

Tabeer Qazi United States
GRE 320, Quant 168

First, when I got information about ScholarDen questions, I thought it's just a random website with questions but then I practiced those questions and liked it and these questions gave me the real GRE experience!!

I even had my friend who gave GRE and scored well after solving ScholarDen questions!! So I completed all the Quants questions from ScholarDen and they were superb ones!!

Due to ScholarDen practice questions, I received 169/170 in my GRE !!

Thanks to ScholarDen!

Harshit Parikh India
Quant 169

ScholarDen GRE resource is an amazing study tool. I was able to learn everything that I needed to know in a self-guided environment that worked with my hectic schedule. It allowed me to skip ahead video explanations when I was comfortable with the GRE concepts used in the solution and repeat the video explanations when I was in doubt about the relevant concept used in the solution. I solved 20 questions a day on average and completed my prep in 2 months.

Shahrukh Kasi Pakistan
GRE 322, Quant 167

GRE - Done and Dusted. 😁

When I started hearing the feedback from test-takers that the GRE Quant was getting harder, I did not have an idea of how hard the questions would be. That's when I came to know about ScholarDen (SD) Maths question bank and it's same high standards to real GRE questions. I made use of SD and it was a good source for Quant practice in my last few weeks of prep, which made me more ready for harder questions.

Arjun K. India
GRE 320, Quant 167

ScholarDen's GRE study plan and resources helped me to have a guided approach towards acing the GRE. I was a bit terrified at first, but then I successfully followed their plan. I was able to score decent in Verbal and also managed to get 167 in Quant which was an amazing feat for me and overall improved my score from 289 to 319! All thanks to SD!

Mateen Ilyas Pakistan
GRE 319, Quant 167

I took GRE a few days. I think on-screen practice with time limitation is more necessary than practicing from books. In this regard, ScholarDen is very helpful. It provides practice questions covering almost every topic. Most importantly these problems are of real GRE standard. It also provides the timing details, which is very helpful for time management.
I am grateful to ScholarDen as it helped me a lot in getting a handsome Quant score.

Antu Saha Bangladesh
Quant 167

I'd like to thank ScholarDen for sharing useful resources. I recently took my GRE and scored 164 in Quant. I had limited time so I booked my GRE test slot even before starting the preparation. This kinda builds up pressure to finish the Quant and Verbal sections within the time. For Quant, I followed the ETS official guide and solved questions on online. The online quality question bank with analytics which analyzes your performance on those questions helped me a lot in preparing for the test smartly.

I wish the test takers all the best.

Himanshu Verma India
Quant 164

I took my GRE test this week. First of all, I would like to thank ScholarDen mentors for their great help as far as how should I revise and what resources should I use. For Quant, I have only practiced ScholarDen Practice questions and it helped me a lot to get a clear idea about the type of questions and its difficulty. Plus, the questions were similar to the real test. For Verbal, I could have scored better but the problem I faced was to stay focused for a long time: I didn't do well in the last Verbal section. I advise you to read the articles every day. Honestly, I didn't follow this advice but the reading passages on the test were all boring and almost all of them were about feminism and I felt like I'm not used to reading boring stuff and I couldn't focus well enough. That's the major obstacle I had on the day of the test.

Good luck to all of you on your GRE.

Amine Ghattassi Tunisia
Quant 161

ScholarDen is the best emerging resource available as their GRE questions are similar to what you're gonna see on real GRE. The Verbal guide is very helpful for beginners to understand the basics.

I improved my score from 294 to 315!

Umar Aslam Pakistan
GRE 315

My score improvement was almost 13 points in 25 days of serious perparation.

I used ScholarDen website to solve Quant questions. The videos at the end of each sum helped with the concepts. My best areas were arithmetic and algebra. Geometry(parabola) and CP problems were my weak areas which were accurately shown on the website. It also helped me compare my solving time with an average time of others. I would highly recommend anybody preparing for GRE to use the ScholarDen website.

Ambrose Tuscano India
Quant 160

I just took my GRE yesterday. By profession, I am a dentist. I got a 152 VR, and 157 QR. I was the most worried about the QR section since math is not my forte. This score is enough to apply for dental school orthodontic residency since the application is more based on other factors. Taking the GRE and studying for it was definitely random for me. It’s been so long since I learned vocab and math!! Thank you for your guidance! I deeply appreciate it. ScholarDen and ETS were the most similar to the real GRE standards. Thank you for recommending the resources and helping me!

Jennifer H. United States
Quant 157

I have appeared in my GRE & I wanted to take a moment to present a very very special gratitude to the team for being active to grant me your worthy advice esp. the Quant questions you guys gathered on ScholarDen & the conceptual understanding of Verbal through notes and group discussion really helped me a lot even in this short period of time to put my level best in my exam. Indeed, ScholarDen has played a vital role in my journey of GRE. Thank you very much for this support.

Kinza Sajid Pakistan

Thank you for creating ScholarDen website. I can now understand the basics of sentence completion and how they are made after reading 2 out of the lesson notes section for sentence equivalent on the website. I hope to get the best out of it. HIGHLY RESOURCEFUL.

Nimah Nigeria

I have recently taken the GRE test. I used ScholarDen Practice Questions during my preparation. The practice questions are of great quality.

These days, the real GRE Test Quant Section has gone tougher so Princeton, Manhattan and Kaplan Questions are not of the same standards. However, I read a few success stories of students using ScholarDen Questions which matches with the real GRE Standards, so I used them. I find myself lucky to use those resources as it is of the same standard as the real GRE questions. However, what I wanted more is that they should also introduce a mock test, that would help us to practice questions more.

Also, ScholarDen platform analytics accurately predicted my weak and strong areas, which helped me to study smartly in the short span of time.

Priyanaka Sharma India
GRE 308

I took my GRE in the last few days of November 2019. I praticed my Quant questions from ScholarDen. Well, the 200 questions are worth practicing. These questions mimic the real GRE. In Quant, the quality of questions is of the same standards as the real test. The practice questions almost covered all the topics. It also helps to customize your preparation and practice the specific type of questions, if you want. Though its an upcoming promising I think it would be better if ScholarDen include questions from Data interpretation too.

Umesh Neupane Nepal
Quant 161