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Raghuram Gaddam
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I have a 322 score in GRE (V-156, Q-166, AWA-4), 7.5 in IELTS (L-9, W-6.5, S-7.5, R-7) and a college GPA of 8.4/10. I did a 2-month research internship and am currently doing another one. I do have strong extracurriculars (if that helps) and I feel I've written a pretty decent SOP as well. What are my chances of getting into the top 30-40 universities in the world for an MS in Materials Science (Fall 2019)? I would especially like to know about my chances with colleges like UT Austin, Cornell, UMich, UCSB, Penn State and UW Madison.


Faisal Khan: Chances of getting funding or just the admits? Whats your GPA in terms of US Standards out of 4 GPA?

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