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Muhammad Ali Umair
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Hi everyone..! I have a question
I am currently doing MS in EE i will end my degree with CGPA around 3.2 (undergrad CGPA is 2.8) . My thesis topic is in optical wireless communication (detection and estimation). I hope that i can publish my work in IEEE journal after some extension. I want to do a good Phd where i can enhance my skills and can do some good research work in my field. The problem is that i was thinking that my CGPA is too low to get admission in any good university on scholarship, where i can study good courses(advance wireless communication, coding theory,advance digital communication, estimation and detection theory) as well with good research work. So what can i do? Can i repeat 1,2 subjects to improve my CGPA? Or i must concentrate on some other things?
I need some suggestions. Thanks


Admin: EE is highly competitive but i think your GPA is decent if you are applying to the decent schools only. If you are aiming for top schools then 3.8 is not enough. Rather than repeating subjects, I would suggest focussing on GRE and Publications or research area.

0 6 months ago

Muhammad Ali Umair: Thanks, i am working on publication and hoping to complete it in two-three months. can you please mention some "decent" schools where i can apply? I am starting preparation for GRE. One thing which i want to ask is whether i try for US with this profile(3.2, 1 good publication and GRE score) are there any chances to hit some average school in US or I should work on any other option(korea,china)??

0 6 months ago

Faisal Khan: Schools in the range of 100-200 within USA. EE is highly competitive

0 6 months ago

Muhammad Ali Umair: Sir is this possible for me to get into schools of ranking 100-200. How much a IEEE journal publication will help me to cover my GPA so that i can get in??

0 6 months ago

Muhammad Ali Umair: And whats about applying in Australia with this profile?

0 6 months ago

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