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Hi guys. I hope you are doing good. I just gave my first diagnostic test today and scored 310, with 150 in verbal and 160 in quant. I found verbal section difficult with some passages that are really hard to comprehend. Also, I am not used to writing a lot so I am not sure how is my Analytical writing section since I am preparing for GRE myself so don't have anyone to give me review on my Analytical writing section. Plz can you guide me now how should I prepare to get +330, with full score of 170 in quant, +160 in Verbal, and decent score in Analytical writing section. I have two months to prepare for it. Which books should I follow. How much time should I dedicate. Thank you so much

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Faisal Khan: For 330 from 310, I would recommend you to read 330 scores success stories especially rabia one. With your current quant score, I will recommend to start with ets math review book and then move to magoosh premium account and then Scholar Den Questions which we will be posting soon. And then ets books and mocks. For Verbal, learn vocabulary from magoosh app 650 words are enough and then do practice from magoosh premium account. For tough passages do LSAT. Do regular reading from Aidaily as well (different boring topics). Mocks you should take after 2/3 weeks, at least 10. The closer you get to the exam date, reduce take mocks after a week and analyse your mistakes. Make sure you are maintaining error logs too and reviewing your mistakes.

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Asad: Thank you so much for your reply Faisal bhai. I have few follow up questions. 1) Can you plz tell me how many books of ETS GRE is available and should I buy all of them. 2) You didn't mention to you ETS official book for verbal section, is it not good in term of verbal. 3) Also are there any Magoosh books available, if so then are they good in term of verbal and quant and if you buy Magoosh books or if you subscribe their premium account is it same. If not then which is more good 4) I see you mentioned about magoosh premium account how much it cost and is it good in term of verbal or quant. 5) Lastly, should I start practicing verbal or should I do some vocab and reading from Aidaily first and then move to verbal practice. Looking forward for your reply

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Faisal Khan: All ETS books are recommended. You might find soft copies over the internet or you can get copies of it from Urdu Bazar. Yes do go through all ETS books quant and verbal. They are the best source. There is just one magoosh book and it has very limited qs. Premium account has 1200 qs. You can contact scholar den for magoosh subs, scholar Den is an official partners of Magoosh. Start with vocabulary and general reading and meanwhile do magoosh and then do Ets in the end for practice..

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Asad: Thank you so much Faisal Bhai.

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