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Meroona Gopang
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Fullbright related Query

I have score around 278 in gre 140 for verbal and 138 for quant can i apply?
For Lors should i give name of any professor who has just retired from his job, he was my supervior. so should i write to him or not?


Faisal Khan: ??

0 29d ago

ABC: The minimum scores required for Fulbright are 138 in the verbal and 136 in the quantitative section. Your scores fall within the given range, but you should consider retaking the GRE. You need higher scores to stand a good chance at landing the scholarship.

0 12d ago

Meroona Gopang: Thank you for response

0 12d ago

Haroon: where we can apply for PhD abroad while having GRE marks 292 (Quant 154, Verbal 138)

0 1d ago

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