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Nasir Khan
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GRE (163 Q, 148 V) MS in Eelectrical (3.46 CGPA) BS in Electrical(3.27 CGPA) Two published conference papers in IEEE, Two years of work expearance as a Lab Engineer. Do i Have any chance of making into top 70 Universities?


Faisal Khan: It’s tough to get into top 70 in ELectrical engineering as competition is petty high, but if you improve your gre to 320+ then you have a pretty good chance of getting into schools in between 40-100 as per USA news ranking. So work on GRE if you can! Or based on your research experience, approach professors!

0 3 months ago

Nasir Khan: With that profile, will i be able to get into 40-100???

0 3 months ago

Faisal Khan: There are two ways - 1) you approach profs and if they like your research profile then they will accept you even with low GRE. 2) if professors are not aligned with you then apply to temple university and universities in the range of 70-130.

0 3 months ago

Nasir Khan: If i improve GRE to 320+ Then will i get admission without contacting profs and direct apply to universities? or even still i have to contact them?

0 3 months ago

Faisal Khan: Some schools prefer if you apply directly (without contacting profs) and for other if you get prof consent then you can easily get admit even with low gre score or profile (in that case your research experience will add a lot of value to your profile).

0 3 months ago

Nasir Khan: Faisal bhai, 70-130 departmental ranked or over all university ranking?

0 3 months ago

Faisal Khan: USA ranking only - dept specific

0 3 months ago

Nasir Khan: Faisal bhai, i have little time to apply for Fall as the deadlines is alomost approaching, are there any chances of funding in Spring sessions?

0 1month ago

Faisal Khan: Spring is almost over - focus on fall

0 30d ago

Nasir Khan: I mean for next spring

0 29d ago

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