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Jamal Shah
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I have to apply for a U.S study visa and for a South Korean study visa. In case of not getting visa for U.S, I will go to South Korea. But I want to ask here that for which country's visa I should apply first? I mean if I apply for and get the South Korean visa first then will it strengthen my chances of getting U.S visa or it will weaken my chances, or it will have no effect on U.S visa application? Because in this case, a South Korean visa will be stamped on my passport that I will show to U.S visa officer.


Admin: You should apply to your preferred country first and if the USA is the preference then you should apply ASAP as you don't have much time for the Spring session. If you need help with the USA Visa, then try to utilize this service.

0 6 months ago

Jamal Shah: If I have Korean visa on my passport then will it add some value to my U.S. visa application or not?

0 6 months ago

Admin: if you have traveled to Korea and returned then it would - else it won't.

0 6 months ago

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