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Ali Saeed
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GRE 310, Q161 V149, M.Com 3.87 With Gold Medal, MPhil 3.44, Can I expect to get admitted to a funded PhD Finance Position at a good Canadian School?


Ali Saeed: Also 2.5 years Uni Level Teaching 2 years Industry Experience in small firm and one conference paper MPhil Also done with thesis.

0 9 months ago

Faisal Khan: Yes you can - approach profs both in USA and Canada.

0 9 months ago

Ali Saeed: I searched but couldn't find a Canadian Uni That Accepts GRE Bellow 80th Percentile. Mine is 77th for Quant. Can you suggest some Canadian Unis for this GRE Score?

0 7 months ago

Faisal Khan: Look for research based programs they usually don’t require GRE or require with normal score.

0 7 months ago

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