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Masab Umair Khattak
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Frm where i can prepare for this test as i have no idea about such test. So plz suggest me any academy and concerned books

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Faisal Khan: The best way is to self study approach. Step 1: take GRE Diagnostic Test (MAnhattan FREE test) this will give you an understanding of your current proficiency level. Based on your current score then go through Manhattan, Magoosh and Ets resources. Scholar Den is also launching high quality free real GRE Questions, you can also practice from there. If you can share your diagnostic score I can guide you how to prep accordingly. Why self study is better than joining any academy? In academy students from different skills and educational backgrounds are put in one class room and they do weekends classes for 6 weeks. If you are a weak student or weak concepts about maths or English or both then they won’t teach you the basics but rather they will follow their schedules agenda and won’t cater to individual needs. The reason we recommend you to study individually because every one has s different skill set and needs and you need to learn those concepts before you take GRE.

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