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Syed Muhammad Reza Hassan
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Hello all. I am planning to take GRE-General in mid May and targeting a score of around 320. I have an engineering background and intend to apply for PHD in USA. I have scored 301 in Manhatten's diagnostic test with 152 in Quant and 149 in Verbal. I need your help and advice on developing the right strategy in achieving the targeted score. Thank you very much.

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Faisal Khan: Your diagnostic score is pretty decent. You need to start with Manhattan guides, then do magoosh. If you are looking for free practice qs, scholar den will be launching high quality question bank this month which will test your skills with respect to the real GRE qs and then finish off ETS official books. For verbal you have to follow the same pattern. In addition, also learn max 650 words from magoosh app. Give at least 10 mocks before the test and don’t study anything 2 days before the text.

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Syed Muhammad Reza Hassan: Thank you very much.

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Faisal Khan: Welcome

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Syed Muhammad Reza Hassan: The Manhattan guides are not available for free. Right?

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