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GRE is a difficult test and students find it quite challenging
to improve their scores especially when they prepare
without any proper guidance and study plan.

We at Scholar Den provide you a step by step guidance for your entire GRE preparation using a smart study approach that improves your scores two times (2x) faster than any other traditional method

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How Mentoring Works?

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3. Follow Plan

Follow the plan given by the mentor and be consistent about your prep. Do not forget to check recent success stories on GRE Reviews page.

User Reviews

I wrote my GRE for the second time and I scored 338/340 – 170/170 in Quant and 168/170 in Verbal. I would highly recommend Scholarden to anyone aiming to achieve a high score in GRE Quant. The question bank on Scholarden’s website has questions that are quite similar ... Read More

Komal K

338 (170 Q, 168 V)

I have a psychology major. I took my GRE and scored 320 with 168 in Quant. I would like to thank ScholarDen for their continuous support and guidance during my GRE preparation. Who has been of great help and was available to answer all queries throughout.. Read More

Tabeer Qazi

GRE: Quant 168

First, when I got information about ScholarDen questions, I thought it's just a random website with questions but then I practiced those questions and liked it and these questions gave me the real GRE experience!!. I even had my friend who gave GRE and scored well after solving.. Read More

Harshit Parikh

GRE: Quant 169

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