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educational consulting, career counselling, personal statement editing, motivation.


Olevels 2008 Garrison Academy for Girls 9As

Alevels 2010 LGS defense 3As and 2Bs

B.Sc. (Hons) 2014 LUMS 3.42

About me

I am an educationist and have worked in the field of education, in various capacities fo the past 5 years. Currently I am an O levels Sociology and Pakistan Studies teacher at a private school. I am also an academics coordinator at a school for underprivileged students. I believe that education should have transparency and should polish critical thinking skills, so that we can make informed decisions and make better life choices. In our daily lives, we often have to prioritize between two equally valid realities, but an educated person should do this consciously and know the weight of his or her actions.

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