Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship


The Hubert H Humphrey Fellowship is a mid-career professional development program for those individuals who have demonstrated leadership potential in their careers. It’s an approximately one-year long non-degree program intended to focus on two semesters on Academic coursework, internship and other professional development activities such as field trips, seminars and workshops.

The intent of this program is to provide an exposure and practical experience to future leaders and policy makers about U.S society, culture and organizations.

Professionals are placed in one of the 14 universities in United States of America (USA). Each university is selected based on the thematic and subject similarities; they provide guidance and support related to academics and other administrative needs. Faculty members in universities also support the fellows in pursuing the balance between academic and professional program.

As it’s a non-degree program based on J-1 Visa, therefore, all members must return to home country after completion of their programs.

  • Fellowship Announcement:

  • April 2018

  • Duration of the fellowship:

  • 10-12 months

  • Fellowship Commences:

  • August/September 2019

  • Grant Benefits:

  • Tuition Fee
  • Airfare
  • Stipend for Living Expenses
  • Health Insurance

Eligibility Criteria:

You need to have the following criteria to be able to apply for the fellowship:

  • At least 16 years of education (Undergraduate or Bachelor’s degree)
  • Minimum 5 years of professional (Full-time) experience.
  • Limited or no exposure to U.S.A.
  • Strong Leadership Skills
  • Demonstrated Strong Community Service and Problem Solving Skills
  • Permanent job in Pakistan
  • Possess leadership role in your field

Step 1: Application Process

Check the eligibility criteria mentioned above and make sure you meet the criteria and your field of study falls in the following 17 categories. If your intended field of study were not among the fields listed below, then you would not be eligible to apply for Hubert H Humphrey Fellowship.

Sustainable Development

  • Agricultural and Rural Development.
  • Economic Development
  • Finance and Banking
  • Natural Resources, Environmental Policy, and Climate Change
  • Urban and Regional Planning

Democratic Institution Building

  • Communications/Journalism
  • Law and Human Rights
  • Public Policy Analysis and Public Administration
  • Trafficking in Persons Policy and Prevention
  • Technology Policy and Management
  • Human Resource Management


  • Educational Administration, Planning and Policy
  • Higher Education Administration
  • Teaching of English as a Foreign Language

Public Health

  • Public Health Policy and Management
  • HIV/AIDS Policy and Prevention
  • Substance Abuse Education, Treatment and Prevention

For details, please click here 

Application process (2)

Step 2: Start the Application Process

The application process is the most important step; make sure you put 100% of your efforts in this process. Application consists of list of questions related to personal information, experience, academic qualification, foreign exposure, skills, references and most importantly questions related to program plan and Personal Statements A & B.

In order to start the application process, click here.

Important Components:

  • Personal Statement A
  • Personal Statement B
  • Recommendation Letters
  • Leadership Experience
  • Community Work or Public Service
  • Permanent Job in Pakistan 
  • Achievements & Awards 
  • Other:

What benefits/impact will you bring back to Pakistan after studies?

What’s so unique about you that no one else can replace you?

How aligned your future program is with your current and historic profile?

People from rural background & Females are given priority too.

For further information, read “Humphrey Application Guide

Step 3: Interviews

After you have been shortlisted, you would be called for an interview at USEFP office in Islamabad. You would be required to reach the USEFP office at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time. They will do the security screening and mobile phones will not be allowed inside the building. You would be invited to a common place where first they would require you to write an essay on a general topic. After that you would be called in for an interview. The interview is conducted by a panel, which includes at least two Foreigners.

During the interview process, they would ask questions related to your application and about your field. So make sure you review your application and resume before the interview.


Step 4: National Screening

Based on your applications and interviews, the principal/selected candidates are informed about their application by the first week of October. After the national screening, the lists of selected applicants are sent to Institute of International Education (IIE) USA for further review.

Step 5: Screening by Institute of International Education (IIE) USA

IIE reviews all the principal or successful applications for review and evaluates the applications once again via the Candidate Review Committee (CRC). In the past, some applications are rejected during this screening process due to plagiarism


Step 6: Candidate Review Committee in USA

CRC at Washington D.C finalize the list of all candidates by December.  CRC consists of IIE staff members and independent experts with regional experience, they review applications once again and make sure if they are well suited for the program.

Step 7: Approval by the Fulbright Scholarship Board

Once the list has been finalized by the CRC in USA, the Fulbright Scholarship Board (FSB) approves the list of selected candidates. FSB is responsible to supervisor and approve all Fulbright academic and Humphrey fellowship program.


Step 8: University Placement

After the list has been approved by FSB, the approved candidates are placed in U.S universities. Candidates’ field of study and program plan statements mentioned in their applications determines the placements.

Step 9: Medical Screening

Successful candidates are required to submit a medical history and examination form with USEFP.


Step 10: NOC Certification

Selected applications are either required to submit No objection Certificate (NOC) from employer or Gov. of Pakistan. Incase if employer doesn’t provide NOC, then selected candidates can resign too in exceptional cases.

Step 11: Visa Application

USEFP will process selected applicants visa application. All Humphrey fellows are issued J1 visa.


Step 12: Dependents Visa

USEFP will also process your family or dependents visa. The visa type is J2 for them. You are required to take dependents after spending at least one month in U.S.A.  You need to make sure that you have enough funding to bear the expenses of your Dependents. USEFP or Fulbright board will not cover the expenses of your dependents.

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