Erasmus Mundus Exchange Programs (BS, MS, Ph.D.)

Before reading this guide, make sure you have read “Introduction to Erasmus+ Scholarship” and “Erasmus+ Scholarship Guide

In order to apply for Erasmus Mundus Exchange Programs, you need to fulfil the following requirements

  • Be enrolled in BS, MS or Ph.D. in Pakistan
  • Have completed at least 1 semester of your degree in Pakistan.
  • Must have an English Language Proficiency Certificate from your home (University)

(IELTS/TOEFL is definitely an edge)

  • GRE is not required in Europe.

Now let’s come to the technical stuff.

There are three target groups in Erasmus Mundus Programs

Target Group


Target Group 1

Only students of Partner Universities can apply in this target group. In Pakistan, MUET and MAJU are partner in some Erasmus Programs.

Target Group 2                    

Students of non-partner Universities can apply in this country.It means students from all Universities of Pakistan other than TG1.

Target Group 3 

Students from disadvantaged background or flood stricken areas, refugees, asylum seekers, religious or ethnic minority.

Famous Exchange Programs

Famous Exchange Programs that Pakistanis have won frequently are following

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