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Visa Success Story - 15 November, 2018

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Before the interview, I was very nervous so I took services from Scholar Den. Sir Faisal took two mock interviews and helped me overcome my weaknesses and guided me how to perform better during the interview.

Highly recommended Scholar Den services! Sir Faisal is very competent, and what appealed to me the most was how calm and reassuring he was. You want a person like that in your corner.

Following is my Interview day experience.

My interview was scheduled at 0900 in Islamabad embassy. The visa officer was a pleasant middle-aged woman. 

VO: Good Morning.

Me: Good Morning.

VO: Pass me your documents.

(Passed the documents)

VO: Why do you want to go to the US?

Me: Told her my program and university.

VO: Did you apply to any other programs or universities?

Me: Yes, I applied in other programs of Europe, Canada, and the US. 

VO: Why this specific university then?

Me: Because it is a very prestigious place and the program has a strong emphasis on research. 

VO: If you didn't have a scholarship, how much would this program have costed you?

Me: Around 55-60 thousand dollars.

VO: Have you ever traveled outside Pakistan?

Me: No, never outside Pakistan.

VO: Okay, I am approving your application. Keep your I 20 with you at all times. They won't let you in the US without it. 

Me: Thanks.


Overall the interview only lasted for about a minute or two.