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Visa interview experience: 31 May


VO: Good morning, how are you doing? Me: I am alright! how are you, sir? VO: I am good (or something cause I couldn't hear properly). Please pass your docs. Me: Passed docs. VO: Why are you going to US? Me: To pursue my masters in ABC from XYZ. VO: Why this university? Me: Told about research that it aligns with my research interest and it also offered me funding. VO: What are you doing now? Me: I am doing masters from XYZ in Pakistan. VO: Then why do you want to do masters from US if you are doing same from here? Me: Explained, don't exactly remember what i said there. VO: How much money did you spend here on your masters here? Me: Told an estimated amount. VO: What do your father do? Me: Retired Govt officer. VO: In which dept did he serve? Me: Told. VO: What would you do with your masters in Pakistan if you go to US? Me: Told him that i would freeze my masters here and upon my return from US, will think about this whether to continue it or not. VO: Do you have any relatives in US? Me: Yes. VO: Where do they live? Me: Told. VO: Typing for more than 1 min and then said: I am approving your visa. Enjoy your stay in US. (Blue Slip) Me: Thank you sir