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Visa Interview 9th May 2018


I went up to the window with a lot of confidence and a strong positive body language.

Me: Good morning. (smiling) VO: Good morning. Please pass me your documents. Me: Sure. VO: Who is paying for you? Me: My father is sponsoring me. VO: You know what? This is a very expensive school and I can’t recall anyone going to US with such a huge I20 amount. Me: Yes I know. The university is very highly ranked plus the finance programs are usually very expensive. VO: What does your father do? Me: He owns a family business of Textiles and Real Estate. VO: Whats his income? Me: His income isn’t fixed however he earns in the range of 15000$-30000$. But he is not paying for this from his income. He has been doing business since 1980s and he has a lot of savings in Real Estate. VO: Okay. Please pass me your bank statement. Me: Sure. VO: How do you justify this amount? (This was my fathers secondary account which doesn't include many transactions and there was a huge sum of money in it. Well above the i20.) Me: He recently sold a commercial property and he received his due share of amount X millions. That money is being reflected there which is more than enough to cover for my expenses. I have the agreement to sell. Would you like to have a look? VO: Yeah okay pass it to me and show me your GRE scores and transcripts. Me: I don’t have a degree yet but you can see this provisional certificate. VO: What are your plans after MS? Me: I'll be working as a Financial Consultant for a couple of year ls before joining my fathers real estate side of the business because I am the only son and he is counting on me to take things to another level. So yeah. VO: Okay. Do you have anyone living in US? Me: Yes my sister lives in US. VO: What is she? Me: She’s a homemaker VO: Does she have a green card? Me: No. VO: Is she a citizen? Me: No. VO: Then which visa does she have? Me: She has a spouse visa and she’s living with her husband. VO: Okay....(Golden words coming in)... Congratulations! You’re going to USA. Please listen, (she holds back the blue slip) don’t do drugs there. Me: hahaha! I’m not into drugs so you shouldn’t worry. You’ve just made my day. Thank you so much! She smiled and said congrats again.

So yeah! Phew! All the credit goes to ScholarDen. That one hour session with him on Sunday was so fruitful. He pointed out exactly where I was going wrong. And we worked on that. He told me the stuff I should do. Then on Monday night. I messaged him that I think we should do another session. And when he called me he said you’re very nervous. And I was back to what I was doing before. Same mistake. And he worked on it with me again. And Alhumdulillah, his mentoring has been extremely fruitful. Guys I would strongly recommend his counselling sessions.