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Visa Interview 9th July 2018

Problem solution

Experience: I reached at shuttle service area on 7 am. Got ticket for shuttle service and reached US embassy at 7: 30. After biometric verification, I was directed to VO (tips: keep your head straight and try not to listen to other interview going on as VO's don't'like it and your positive body language counts from here). A family was being interviewed before me and I kept reciting Darood Sharif in the efforts to not to listen to them.

VO was straight faced and asked my documents directly without greeting. VO: Pass me your documents please. ME: Good Morning [passed the docs] VO: [While opening my I-20] So why are you going to US? ME: I'm going to pursue PhD in Agriculture. VO: Which uni? [While reading my I20] ME: Sorry Sir, I can't listen to you. Can you please repeat it? VO: [Repeated] ME: Named it. VO: Who is going to sponsor your education? ME: I have got fully funded PhD offer in the form of graduate assistant ship. VO: So you have been out of Pakistan ever? [While looking at the screen] [I asked him to repeat the question again] ME: Yes sir. I went to Saudi Arabia and also UAE, twice. VO: [Took a minute while gazing at screen and very serious face. Then he again looked at my I-20.] So how are you going to fund your living expenses? ME: [I was surprised at this question] It will be covered by the stipend of GRASHIP. While I have personal savings for initial expenses. [Later I got that it's a tricky question to check my knowledge about my own program and finances mentioned on I20.] VO: Tell me something about your program what you are going to do? Me: I will be studying doctoral program in ecological sciences under supervision of prof (named) to find [Briefly explained] [While explaining, I could see that he is holding blue slip and kept my passport and I 20 with him] VO: Please collect your passport after a week. [Straight face. No best wishes again.]

Tip: Be confident and clear in your answers. Please ignore the typing mistakes as I'm travelling.