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Visa Interview 30th May 2018

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I had interview scheduled at 8:00 am on 30th May and I reached embassy around 7:00 am. After bio-metric finger printing and other documents collection, appeared to a VO who is around 45 years of age with a french beard

VO: Good Morning. Me: Good Morning. VO: (Said something I couldn't year) Me: I couldn't hear you, so can you please speak a bit loud. VO: Give me your passport. Me: Handed over I20s and passports. VO: Why are you going to US? Me: To pursue an MBA. VO: You are taking your family with you? Me: Yes. VO: Have you ever lived before as a family in any other country? Me: I worked in KSA for 2 years and my family lived with me, We also visited couple of countries together. VO: Name all countries you visited together? Me: Named all of them. VO: Why you chose this university? Me: three main reasons class size, scholarship and flexible curriculum. VO: Ok I am sending your case in AP. We require your travel history and CV. You'll receive an email regarding instructions for this. I received email immediately, sent required data on the same day, Visa approved on 6th June.