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Visa Interview 29th May 2018


My interview was in karachi 9 am. I got there 60 minutes in advance, and suggest the same to everyone as there are at least 3 queues you will have to line up in. Once I was through the queues and to the VO counter:

VO: Good morning, please pass me your passport. (gave him) VO: Why are you going to USA? Me: To pursue my mba VO: From? Me: Michigan State University VO: Michigan okay. Why Michigan? Me: Gave my answer. By the end he cut me. VO: Where else did you apply? Me: 5 schools. Named them. VO: Where did you get the admission? Me: Michigan and UT Austin VO: Who is sponsoring? Me: Told him about scholarship, savings and brother. VO: So you will have to pay xx amount, show me statements. (gave him) Typed typed typed Do you have family in US? Me: None. Typed scrolled typed VO: Have you been to Afghanistan? Me: No. VO: Not even once? Me: I said never with a smile. Typed typed typed closed the mic talked to a colleague Scroll scroll scroll VO: Have you ever travelled or used the name Abdul Aziz? Me: Abdul Aziz? No. Typed scrolled typed typed typed typed scrolled. For 2 mins approx. Printed a slip. Your visa is approved