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Visa Interview 26th June 2018-2


My interview experience at the US embassy Islamabad on 26th June, 2018: My VO was an American lady in 40s. VO: Good morning. Pass me your documents Me: Yes, Passed. VO: Why are you going to USA? Me: To pursue M.A Religious Studies, University of Virginia. VO: What kind of research work you want to pursue? Me: [Told.] VO: So you want to work on the interaction of religion and science? Me: Yes. VO: Who is funding you? Me: My father. He has saving in real estate. VO: But 65000 is a lot of money. He must have large savings. Me: Yes. I presented the sale deed. Looked at the amount.  VO: What are you currently doing? Wife: M.S Biochemistry, could not hear properly, so repeated. VO: I have no reasons to reject your visa, so Iam approving it. She passed some papers, mentioning the do's and don'ts of work on F-1 visa. Received my passport today.