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Visa Interview 26th June 2018


My interview experience at the US embassy Islamabad on 26th June, 2018: Almost every one was being rejected before me. Two females got rejected before me. The french beard guy almost rejects everyone. But i was confident that i will just give my best. My VO was an African American lady with curly hairs. Me: Good morning. VO: Good morning. Pass me your documents. Me: Yes Sure. VO: Why are you going to USA? Me: To pursue my education in Masters of Computer Science. VO: In what? Me: Computer Science. VO: In how many universities did you apply? Me: I applied to a total of 4 universities. Should I name them? VO: Yes please. Me: Named all of them. VO: Have you also applied to Universities here in Pakistan? Me: Yes I also applied here. VO: Then why did you apply for uni's in USA? Me: I want to specialize and do my research in game development. Universities in Pakistan do not offer specialized game development programs. VO: Ok. In how many uni's you got admits? Me: I got admits from Stevens and Rochester. VO: Why have you chosen Stevens? Me: Because the program being offered there is more research based specially they are working on new technologies such as Reinforcement learning in video games. VO: Can you speak a bit louder. I didn't hear. Me: Repeated the same answer in a louder voice. VO: Ok. She looked at my I-20. What does your uncle do? Me: He is a business man. VO: What kind of business? Me: He is a real estate investor. VO: What does your father do? Me: He is also a business man. VO: So why is he not paying for your expenses. Me: (Was not prepared for this question. Got a bit confused. So i decided to change the direction of question because i think at that time she didn't know that i am getting a loan too) Actually i have been offered a loan which will cover 80 percent of my expenses. Other 20 percent which only includes living expenses will be covered by my uncle. VO: But still you have to pay back your loan. Do you have your uncle's bank statement? Me: Yes (passed) VO: It looks like transactions have been done recently. Me: No. Its a one year bank statement. VO: (Checked other pages of statement) What are you going to do after Masters? Me: I will continue my education and pursue a PHD with the same research focus. VO: Ok. What after that? Me: Upon my return. I.. VO: Ok ok don't lie. Tell me the truth. What you really want to do? Don't you want to work in the gaming industry? Me: With a smile. Yes i do want to do that too. I will continue my research. VO: Again stopped me. Well you have to start a job at some point? Me: Again with a smile. Yes. Look what I am trying to say is that I will continue my research and contribute to the academic sector as a teacher. Because as a student I faced a lot of problems. Specially here in Pakistan there is not even a single teacher who is specialized in this field. I do also want to work for gaming industry because that is what my research will be for. I will teach and may work at a gaming studio part time. I will apply my research in practical applications. VO: Have you given any standardized tests? Me: Yes. I gave GRE and IELTS. VO: Can I see your GRE report? Me: Passed. VO: Where you went when you were in Iraq? Me: I traveled to two cities Najaf and Karbala. VO: Ok. Vo kept looking at screen and continued typing. Me: I was just standing there for about 3 to 4 mins. I thought that yellow slip might be coming right away. VO: Your visa has been approved. Me: Thank you so much. All credit goes to ScholarDen for his help in specially tackling financial questions and he helped me to better answer other questions too. Mock interview sessions with him also helped a lot. My case was financially weak but Alhamdulillah. People who have visas in coming days please prepare well. Its not as easy as it looks. VO wants specific and to the point answers. If possible do get in touch with ScholarDen. He is doing a great job. May Allah bless him. Thanks.