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Visa Interview 25th June-2018-2


My interview experience at the US embassy:

VO: Pass me your documents. Me: Sure. (passed them) VO: So you are a dentist? Me: No thats my dad. I am a mechanical engineer.. VO: oh ok. So what is the name of your program? Me: MS in Business Analytics. VO: Okay. Do you have any prior experience in business related field? Me: Yes I have a diverse experience when it comes to project management and performance optimization using data. VO: Okay. So why this program? Me: After doing a lot of research I found that the curriculum of Fox Business School is designed in a way that it will equip me with the right tools and knowledge of marketing analytics and advance statistics which is coherent with my work experience at high tech firms. VO: okay. I see you already have a US travel visa. Last time did you travel alone? Me: No it was a family holiday. VO: Okay. Who is financing your studying? Me: My father is. VO: What does he do? Me: He is a doctor retired from the armed forces currently doing private practices. He also owns multiple properties across the country through which he gets a monthly rent. VO: Okay. Can I see his bank statements? Me: Sure. (passed those) VO: Everything looks okay here. Did you give the GRE? Me: Yes I did. VO: Can you show me its document? Me: Sure. (passed her my result card) VO: So how would you use this blend of mechanical engineering with this business field? Me: Well after I am done I would like to use my freshly learnt skills to use in a consultancy firm like McKenzie which is actively hiring individuals in Pakistan. I have noticed there is a huge gap in the market when it comes to data analytics professionals and I would like to contribute to that. VO: Thats great. Congratulations I am approving your visa. Have a good school year. Me: Thank you.

A big thank you to ScholarDen for their constant help and the mock interviews. For anyone with an upcoming visa appointment I would suggest not to take it lightly and if possible take the mock interview with ScholarDen.