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Visa Interview 22nd June 2018


Visa Interview experience. VO: Why do you want to go to the US? Me: Because I have secured admission in Masters at Kansas State University. VO: Why do you chose this university? Me: Because it was the only university that granted funding for Masters in Economics. VO: What will you do with your degree? Me: I will join academics upon my return and later maybe pursue a doctorate (I did not reveal that I might pursue a doctorate immediately after Masters while in US) VO: Who will fund your education? Me: I got a teaching assistantship at KSU that will cover most of my living expenses. I also need to have some amount of personal funds for which I have documentation. [Me trying to give him bank statements etc] VO: No need for these documents. VO: Have you gone to Iran, Iraq or Afghanistan? Me: No. VO: Have you been to the States before? Me: Yes. Vo: Why and when did you go? Me: Global UGRAD exchange program. VO: Did you study there? Me: Yes. VO: How long? Me: Six months. VO: Well your visa is approved!