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Visa Interview 22nd April 2018


I was pretty nervous because people said a lot of things like you got J1 before and that was sponsored by USAID. F1 is not the same. Even I took print outs of email conversations between professors. I switched my line to urdu, I thought if I couldn’t justify something, instead of making it ambiguous I should be able to state in urdu. There was a lady with two daughters before me.

VO asked her age, she said 50+. He was like what? Your date of birth is 1947 and you are saying 50+. Then he asked about her daughter’s age, she said she was born in 2001, he again screamed, that means you were 50 when she was born? He was irritated. Allah Allah kr k meri bari aayi and he said: Apna passport dijiey.

Then he glanced at F1 and said: Hurray you can speak English? I said yes with a smile. Q: So where are you going? Told Q: What is your major? Q: What will you study there? Q: What technology? I told about solar but he said what specifically will you work on? I told my research topic. Q: You have been to Oregon State before? A: Yes Called another person, showed him the screen *types something.. That person goes back. He said: your visa has been approved, have a safe travel, take these documents with you. And i was like phew that was nothing.