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Visa Interview 21st June 2018-2


Scheduled time 8:15 I got there around 7:20. But all the queuing and checking took a lot of time. My turn came around 8:45. VO should be in his thirties. VO: Hello. Me: Good morning. VO: Why are you going? Me: To pursue my PhD. VO: From? Me: University of Arizona. VO: Who’s funding you? Me: I have a TAship that covers all tuition and health insurance. I only have to contribute a certain amount.  VO: What’s your Ph.D. going to be in?  And you won’t believe, I had to literally recall what my Ph.D. is in.] Me: Language, reading and culture.  VO: Any specific language or general language? Me: English language. VO: Oh English Language. Great. VO: Your visa has been approved! That’s all. It was exceptionally simple. Allah ka shukkar. The VO was a happy guy, kept smiling and scratching his head.