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Visa Interview 21st June 2018


My interview was at 8 am. I left home at 6:30, reached the shuttle service at 7 am and was at the interview window at 8:15.

VO: Good Morning! Me: Hi. VO: Why do you want to go to the US? Me: To pursue a masters in economics. VO: Where are you going? Me: University of Wisconsin Madison. VO: Why did you choose this university? Me: I applied to a bunch of universities and this one had the best ranking. VO: When did you graduate? Me: May 2017. VO: What have you been doing since then? Me: I worked as a research assistant at my university from January 2018 till may 2018. VO: Who's paying for your education? Me: My father. VO: What does your father do and how much does he earn? [I told her.] VO: What do you plan on doing after your masters? Me: I'll apply for a PhD. VO: And what kind of work can you get after a PhD? Me: Teaching and research work. VO: Have you been outside Pakistan before? Me: Yes. VO: is your name Muhammad Kamil? Me: Yes. VO: Have you been to Iran? Me: No. VO: Have you ever visited Saudi Arabia? Me: Yes. VO: Everything seems to be in order. I'll approve your visa. Please take this with you. She gave me a document that outlines employment laws in the US. VO: You need to be vigilant about working in the US because the administration is quite strict these days. Good luck.