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Visa Interview 19th June 2018 2


AOA. My interview was scheduled at 9 am on 19th June. After reaching shuttle service at around 7 am, i made it to the waiting area at the embassy before 8:20. After a little wait i was called in for the finger prints and within the next few minutes i appeared in front of a lady VO in her mid/late 20's at Counter no 8. She had refused two visas before me, so naturally I was afraid.

Q: Your passport please. Me: Yeah sure ma'am. Q: Why are you going to US? Me: I am a student ma'am and I have been admitted in a PhD program that I would like to pursue. Q: What is your GRE score? Me: Actually ma'am I got GRE exemption, since I just graduated from Germany in late May and due to extensive research I could not take it. Q: Ah so you have bachelor degree? Me: No ma'am (with a smile) I did my masters from Germany. Q: Okay I see. You applied from Germany? Me: That's right ma'am. Q: What is your research topic? Me: Well ma'am the topic is Multiscale modeling of advanced composite materials. I can also explain in simple words if you like. Q: Yes please. Me: So basically I have to analyse how a crack or failure spreads in a composite material. The scope is quite similar to the research that I have conducted during my masters in Germany. Q: Where will you use these composites ? In construction or planes? Me: Yes ma'am planes. (It was this moment she stopped typing for the first time and I realized it will be refusal or administrative processing.) Q: Do you have your CV and supervisor CV? Me: Yes ma'am I do have both the CV's (and passed them) Q: You have got a scholarship right? (Even though I had selected self option in ds 160) Me: Yes ma'am I have a fully funded position that only includes tuition fee waiver but also covers living expenses Q: Why are you not pursuing PhD in Germany? Me: Well ma'am, I believe PhD in USA is far more competitive than in Germany since I will be enrolled in courses as well as teaching assistant position will provide me with better learning opportunities. Also I believe that I will be able to continue my research much better in US since there is no language barrier. Q: I see. (Then she turned to me and replied), okay So far so good, but I have to forward your CV for a review. (and handed me a white slip.) And I replied. Alright ma'am thanks a lot and have a very nice day. Note: She didn't ask why did you select this university or how many universities have you applied to. There was no question about travel history, I have been to US before, she didn't ask for that either. I think they can retrieve this info quite easily from ds 160 and passport. She didn't ask for the future plans.