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Visa Interview 19th June 2018


VO: Good morning. Please pass your documents. Me: Good morning. [hands out the documents] VO: Why do you wish to go to US? Me: To pursue Masters in CS. VO: Where are you going? Me: Purdue University in Indiana. VO: Why this particular university? Me: Out of all the admits I received only my preferred thesis advisor from this uni contacted me to inquire about my research work which showed he was interested in my work. This compelled me to choose Purdue. VO: Who is financing your education? Me: I have sufficient family funds but I also have an email from the professor in question with a promise of funding if I arrive before 7th august. VO : Are you married? Me : No. VO: Alright everything seems in order. I am approving your visa please have a look at this document about how you can work within the US without violating any laws.