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Visa Interview 15th May 2018

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I arrived at the embassy by 7:45 and within 5-10 mins was in the shuttle on my way to the embassy. Then the wait began, some people were saying the system is down. Finally, around 10:20 my turn came. VO was a fairly young white male with light beard. While waiting in line we were asked not to look towards the interview windows. They were very particular about this and one guy was even scolded in front of me for looking again and again. Saw some white slips and yellow slips, don't think I saw any blue slip while waiting. Which was actually quite discouraging, but I tried to stay positive and confident before the interview.

VO: How are you doing? Me: I am fine thank you, how are you? VO: Good (Passed the documents: DS-160, Passport, Sevis payment receipt) VO: Why are you going to the US? Me: To pursue my Masters in Business Analytics at Duke University VO: Who is supporting your education? Me: My father VO: What does he do? Me: (Told) VO: Have you been to the US before? Me: No, I have not VO: So you're graduating from NUST? Me: Yes, in June VO: And your Masters begins in September? Me: No, it starts in July VO: Oh right, quite close Me: Yeah VO: What does your father do again? Me: (Told) VO: Your Masters is in...? Me: Business Analytics VO: Right Kept typing for about a minute or so VO: Congratulations! Your visa has been approved. You can collect it in a week Me: Thank you Sir! Have a nice day VO: You too

VO did not ask for any additional document. Confidence and body language is key. Do not prepare answers and present them as if they are memorized. Just be yourself and answer to the point. I was calm and even smiling at some points, VO seemed to be jolly too.