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Visa Interview 14th November 2017


My visa interview was on 14th November, 2017 at 9:30 am in Islamabad Embassy.

After doing the fingerprints, I was immediately sent for the interview at counter number 8. The VO was a young nice guy in his early thirties. While I was waiting in line for my turn, the VO was interviewing an elderly lady and a young guy for a visit visa. After few minutes of tough questions, the VO refused their visa. I was feeling a bit nervous but tried to remain very calm. I was asked to come forward for the interview. I handed the VO my passport, I-20 and Sevis fee reciept.

VO: Why are you going to USA? Me: To pursue my PhD in science of advanced materials at Central Michigan University.

VO: Do you have your Research plan with you? Me: No, but I can explain my research project verbally.

(At this point I realized that I messed things up by not bringing my research plan with me)

The VO started typing something and also was discussing something with a bearded person who was casually standing near him during my interview as well as during the earlier one. After two minutes the VO turned to me. VO: Dont worry. Everything will be fine. You will get your visa but it will take a little time. Then he asked: "Can you explain your project to me?"

I explained my project to him in simple words and he seemed satisfied. During the whole interview the VO seemed very polite and calm. Then he handed me over a green slip and told me to upload my CV, my supervisor's CV and research plan at the given link. He told me to wait for 3 weeks for final decision, kept my passport and returned the remaining docs. I asked him if my case was put on administrative processing? He replied with a smile on his face: "Yes. You know too much"

I uploaded the documents on same day and my visa was approved after 20 days of administrative processing. The interview was really brief with just 3 questions aksed. For most of the time, the VO either looked at the computer screen or kept talking to the guy standing nearby.

A few words of advice:

1. Confidence is the key. Try to look confident and calm. 2. Never try to memorize answers. Be as natural as possible. 3. Take every document with you which you think the VO can ask for or which can strengthen your case. 4. If you are a genuine student and have all the required documents, you will definitely get your visa.


Best of luck.