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Visa-Interview 13th June 2018-2


Well , my (F-1) and my spouse (F-2) visa interview was scheduled on 13th June 9:45 AM. At Karachi consulate .Well data entry and security check took around a hour and finally our turn came around 11 AM. We had an English interview according to our preference . A young guy roughly 30 (White) took our interview . Our interview lasted for 7-10 minutes . Questions asked to me were : Q1) Why do you plan going to US? Q) Where is my university located ? Q2) Are you a student or working ? Q3) I was working so they asked for organisation and how long I have been working . Q4) I did my majors from IBA so they asked for it that what I have studied . Q5) Who is financing me ? What does that person do ? Q6) Where have they gathered funds from ? ( Saw my financial statement ) Q7) Have I acquired scholarship ? (Which I did ) Q8) How long is the duration for my course ? Q9) Do I have kids ? (He mentioned no issue having kids or being pregnant on an F-1 visa) Q10) Have I travelled outside Pakistan if yes where ? Q11) Did I travel alone or with my husband ? Q12) How long are we married and is our marriage legal? Q13)Any relatives living in US ?

Question asked to my husband: Q1) Where does he work and his job description.