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Visa Interview 13th June 2018

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Islamabad June 13, 2018 Visa Approved VO: Hello and Good Morning. Me: Good Morning. VO: Give me your documents. Me: [passed the documents) Here they are. VO: Why are you going to the US? Me: PhD in English Literature. VO: How many Schools did you apply to? Me: Three VO: Did you get in to the others? Me: No. VO: You said you were working in University of Peshawar. Are you still working there? Me: Yes, I am a full time lecturer. VO: So, you are gonna join the University back? Me: Of course, I have signed a bond. [pointed at my documents] VO: I believe you. VO: Are you married? Me: Yes. VO: Does she work? Me: No. VO: How’s she gonna manage. Me: I have leave with pay so my salary will be credited to my account while I am away. She can use the money. VO: Do you have kids? Me: No. VO: Will you call your wife to the US? Me: Yes. VO: When? Me: May be next year. PhD is really a tough business. When I settled down, I will call her over. VO: Have you ever been arrested? Me: Never. VO: Your Visa is approved. Please show the ability to pay for your wife’s expenses next time when she applies for Visa. VO: One thing more. When you have kids please name them uniquely. There are so many Farooqs. The system has many people named Farooqs. Your kids must have unique names.

She was continuously typing throughout the interview. She hardly looked at me. She was the same officer who gave us a visa seminar at USEFP. I had asked her too many questions in the seminar. I feared her.

Let me thank ScholarDen from the core of my heart. He helped me out with some technical questions regarding the interview. I had a mock with Faisal that really helped. Thank you so much. Thank you all for answering my queries from time to time.