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Visa Interview 12th June 2018-2


Arrived at 7:30ish, got into shuttle at 8:20(500 rs.), reached embassy at 8:50, interview was around 9:20 VO was an american lady in her early twenties.

VO: Morning, pass me your documents. Me: (passed documents) VO: Why are you going to US? Me: To pursue my masters in biology. VO: GRE score report please. Me: (Passed GRE score report) VO: (Types) Who's going to fund these studies? Me: I have got a teaching assistant-ship which covers my tuition and living expenses. VO: Everything? Wow Looks surprised and confused. Me: Yes, everything. VO: (Types) What do you parents do? Me: (Told) VO: What do you plan to do with your degree? Me: Plan to pursue a Phd and then join a university as a researcher and academician. VO: Is your research human based? Me: (Explained) VO: (Types) Please pass me your CV and the CV of your supervisor. Me: (Passed) VO: Is this your first time out of country? Me: No, I've been to UK. VO: Okay we are going to review your CV, so I'm placing you under admin. review. Thank you. Me: Thank you. There was barely any eye contact from her side