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Visa Interview 12th June 2018


Islamabad 8 am appointment I arrived at 6.10 a.m. Used the shuttle service cost Rs 1000. Was in the shuttle at 7 a.m. Got to the embassy by 7.15 a.m. Got in around 7.35 a.m. Gave the interview in English as the line only had 3 people. Got my turn in a few minutes.

VO was a tall man with glasses. Me : Good morning. How are you? VO : Great. How are you doing? Me : Great. VO : Pass me your documents. (Passed i20 , passport , sevis fee confirmation , DS-160 confirmation) VO : Why are you going to US? Me : To pursue masters studies. VO : Right . So which university? Me : Told university name. VO : Who is sponsoring you? Me : Father. VO : What does he do? Me : He is a mechanical engineer. ( Paused I could see he wanted to ask to a question so I continued) He works with consultant and is currently working in a USAID funded project. VO : Oh great (With a smile). So how many universities you applied to? Me : 3 VO: Admits? Me : Told university names. VO : Do you have any relative in US? Me : Yes, sister. VO: Her status? Me : Err .... permanent resident. VO : Does she work? Me : No housewife. VO : How did she go the US? Me : Spouse visa. VO : What does her husband do? Me : He is a .... computer engineer. (Thankfully didn't ask anymore) Starts typing. Looks up. VO : Have you visited any other country? Me : No. VO : So what are you doing nowadays? Me : Left my job recently. VO: How recently? Me : April. VO : You resigned in April and are appearing for interview in June . Why? Me : I had decided to go for masters and had received admission so left job to start preparation for visa process. VO : But why leave the job? Me : (For the first time I had to stop to think for an answer) Actually my job was in a slightly different field of specialization so I quit to refresh my knowledge regarding the field in which I shall do my masters. VO : Okay got it. Starts typing. VO : I am approving your visa. You will get your passport in a week. (Keeps passport gives back i20) Me : Great. Thanks a lot. VO : Welcome.

It was very smooth and easy. Maintain eye contact with the VO . Act natural . Choose words that are easy to use . Do not over complicate . The VO was friendly and until the last question seemed satisfied . Choose the language in which you are more comfortable. The main thing is to appear confident . Even if you do not have a good answer to a question .VO didn't ask for any document or why I was choosing the university.