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Visa Interview 11th June 2018


Visa Experience: 11th June (ISB) 8:00 a.m. Status: AP I arrived at 6.30 a.m. and reached embassy at 7:20 a.m. by using shuttle service. After biometric entry it took almost 10-15 min to have my turn. Me: Good Morning VO: Good Morning, how are you? Me: I am fine, how are you? VO: Me good, so why are you going to US? Me: To do Ph.D. Physics from Tulane University. VO: From which university? Me: Tulane University. VO: Where else have you applied? Me: I applied to 14 universities, should I name them all? VO: Yeah a few. Me: Told names of few universities. VO: And you got admit from any other? Me: Yes, I got admit from 6 universities, for 2 universities I am on wait-list, 2 universities have not declared the decision yet and got rejection from 4. VO: Yeah, that’s fine, it happens to all. Who will be paying for you? Me: I got department’s funding with GTA. VO: Ok yeah I got that (by looking at I-20). So you are teaching in college? Me: Yeah. VO: Ok, (kept typing for few moments), have you ever been out of Pakistan? (I couldn’t hear properly so I asked again and he repeated the question) Me: Yeah, in my early childhood I went to UAE and Saudia with my parents. VO: Ok that’s fine, so what will be your future plans after Ph.D.? Me: I will be on leave from my job so I will join again my job and conduct research in filed with academia at university level. VO: As a professor? Me: Yeah hopefully (typing typing….) VO: Tell me about your research? Me: Told. VO: Do you have advisor? Me: No, not yet as I am TA and according to department’s policy supervisor will be assigned later. VO: So any idea when you will be assigned supervisor? Me: Yeah most probably after 1st semester. VO: Ok fine. (kept typing for few moments again) VO: Have you ever been to US? Me: No. VO: Do you have any relatives/siblings in US? Me: No. (kept typing for few moments again) VO: Do you have your CV right now? Me: Yes I have (gave the CV). VO: Looked at CV for few moments and again typing. Ok miss, I am keeping your visa under administrative process. I have no reason to refuse you but these are the documents you need to upload for process. Wrote on green slip and again asked: Do you have abstract of research you will be going to do in Ph.d.? Me: (I was surprised that why abstract and first time stumbled) like I told you I will be doing research on nanoparticles to control and change their properties for energy applications but I don’t have an abstract right now. VO: Ok fine, what I need you do is upload soft form of your cv, advisor’s cv and your research. Me: But sir, I don’t have supervisor yet but I have contacted to faculty and … (interrupted) VO: That’s fine, just ask your department to assign someone. Me: Alright. VO: (passing green slip to me), upload these to the link given, it usually takes 2 to 3 weeks for processing. Me: Ok sir. VO: Ok thank you. Me: will you keep my I-20 as well? VO: Oh no that goes back and the rest I will keep, thanks. Me: Alright thank you.

Overall, it was good experience. I was quite confident during interview, VO was a nice guy, took the interview in friendly way. What I sorted now that I should explain difference between enrolling as TA and RA when he asked me about abstract, because I think he supposed that I don’t know what I will be doing in Ph.D.