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Visa Interview 10th July 2018


VO: Why do you want to travel to US? ME: To pursue my Masters. VO: Which school? Me: New Jersey Institute of Technology. VO: Why did you choose this school? Me: I really like that NJIT allows you to take courses from different disciplines. Blah blah. VO: Okay. So have you made any changes to your case since last time? Me: Yes. Last time, I mistakenly told wrong annual income of my father (told him the actual income). Do you wanna see the proof? VO: Yes please. Me: Passed him the fbr docs. VO: [looking at the document several times] Alright. Have you been to Iran, Iraq or Afghanistan? Me: No. VO: Where else have you traveled? Me: UAE and Bangladesh. VO: Okay, your visa is approved. Thank you