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Visa Interview 01 June 2018


Alhamdulillah got visa approval today. After rejection on 14th may which I didn't share on the group.

First interview: VO was a guy in his late or at least mid thirties. He had french beard.

Q: Why going to USA? Ans: I am going to pursue MS in computer science with data science specialization. Q: Who is paying for your trip? Ans: I have got funding in the form of Graduate Teaching Assistance-ship which is covering my tuition fee and living expenses. Other than that I am taking X$ saving with me. Q: Why You choose this university? Ans: Because I thought I had plenty of funding chances here. (I think it would be better if I have said that the course here is aligned with my work experience and research interest.) Q: What is your Bachelor's in? Ans: I did bachelors in computer science. Q: Who funded your Bachelor’s? Ans: I got scholarships which helped me in financing my bachelors education. Q: What does your father do? Ans: He is not doing anything, he is over 60 now. Q: What did you father used to do when he was working? Ans: He used to be a laborer. (VO couldn't understand the word laborer for a while but then he did when I repeated the word thrice.)

2nd Interview: This time I got same person he asked me: Why are u going to US? Ans: To study for masters in computer science. Q: When did you last apply? Ans: On 14th of may. Q: We spoke earlier right? Ans: Yes. VO: So I am going to shift you to someone else for a fair evaluation. Ans : Ok. Next person was a Chinese American lady. VO: So what changes have u made from last time to your profile? Ans: I was just nervous that day and I couldn't present my reasons to visit US that day. Vo. What else? Ans: Nothing else. I got funded admission. (Response was like this but words were not exactly the same but 80% same.) Q: Do you have GRE score? Can I see that? Ans: Sure. Report handed over. GRE 165 Quant 150 Verbal 3.0 AWA. Q: How many universities did you apply to? Ans: 7 Q: How many admit did you get? Ans: 5 admit and two rejection. (Checked my i20 and asked about the saving that I mentioned.) Q: Whose saving is this? Ans. Its mine. I have been working for over two years now and its my saving. Q: Can I see your bank statement? Ans. Sure. Given. Q: Its enough for one year. What about second year? Ans: My graduate teaching assistance ship is renewable. And if in worst case scenario I don't get it for second year then I will visit my home country and contact some banks to arrange for educational loan. It will not be difficult in that scenario. Typed for a few moments. Then, VO: Congratulations your visa is approved. Good GRE score. Ans. Thank you. With smile.

Well, it was hard all the way but I am very much thankful to ScholarDen, especially the way he helped me after rejection was really impressive. I was kind of hopeless. Thank you! Nabeel also helped me a lot. He actually helped me from the day I started my preparation for GRE. He was a motivation for me otherwise I didn't think I had a chance in USA. There was another guy who helped me a lot. He is not in this group but he is the student in a us university. Thanks everyone for the help.