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Visa Experience: 8th August Status: Approved


Visa Officer greeted me good morning and asked me how am I doing to which I replied I am pretty good and asked him how about you. Then the interview started first question he asked me was Why USA, I told him because of the international exposure it will provide etc, then I told him that my siblings have studied abroad and they are doing pretty well so that's why. He said where are you going to which I told him Denver, Colorado and he said 'Lucky you.' Then he asked me where did my brothers study from and I told about their countries. He picked the one that went to Japan and asked did he learn Japanese to which i replied not really, just very basic stuff. He then asked me about my jobs and what exactly is my project about. I explained a bit and That was it, he said have fun and passed me the slip. Overall the interview was very short lasted around a minute and I was not asked to show any document at all except for the i-20 passport and interview appointment pages, just stay calm and smile and make it more of a conversation rather than memorizing answers. During my interview the visa officer was looking at candidates at the back and noticing them so that's for sure you are being observed, so keep calm and don't peek into the windows even when you are standing in the line. Make a good first impression and keep smiling (but not too much). That's pretty much all about it! Thanks everyone for helping me out throughout this process.