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Visa Experience: 30th May 2017


Me: Good morning...(passes my documents) VOA: good morning, why are you going to the US? ME: I am going to do PhD in sustainability at RIT with fully funded GRAship.

VOA: great, what other universities did you apply to? ME: I applied to five universities... (names them)... and got accepted in 3 of them

VOA: OK, so why did you choose this program? ME: I have been in contact with the professor there and she advised me to apply for the open position they had at the lab. I applied and competed with more than 60 applicants. the whole evaluation process is mentioned in my acceptance letter (She takes a look for a moment and start writing).

VOA; OK so what is this research about? ME: The research is a NSF project with several different departments of RIT working towards different aspects. My research part will be towards mathematical modelling of the sustainable process design of food-energy-water nexus. You might be aware of the bio-waste processing, this research will be towards finding the more optimized ways to process food waste.

VOA: great, so you are married, is your husband going with you? ME: No, My husband is currently working as a lecturer at a well renowned government university, he will first work there for 1.5 years to become permanent employee and then will apply for the faculty development program.. Here are his offer and joining letters. VOA: which university does he work at? ME: ABC

VOA: OK, it is mentioned in you ds-160 that you took 2 years break after your masters, why? ME: I took break because of some family reasons, but I kept working with my Masters supervisor and published 2 papers; 1 in 2015 ad 1 in 2016.. I also took time to prepare for the standardized tests and university applications. The papers and test scores are mentioned in my resume.


VOA: pass me your CV... takes a look... started typing... after 15 seconds... Always keep your i-20 with you, your visa is approved.