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Visa Experience: 30th June 2017


VO: Good Morning Me : Good Morning. How are you? VO : I'm fine Me: Passed my passport , I-20, DS-160 and SEVIS fee confirmation page. VO: Why are you going to US? Me: To pursue PhD Degree in XX from YY University. VO: why you have selected Clark University. Me: it's offering specialization in XX, my area of interest. secondly, full tuition fee waiver and graduates of Clark university are working with me, they speak very high about the YY University. VO : what you will do after completing PhD , teaching or research. Me: I am working as Lecturer so after completing my PhD I will continue teaching profession but will also do research side by side. VO: (put the blue paper with my documents, on which it was written your visa is approved) what is your height? Me: 6.2 feet Typing for about 25 seconds again. VO: Handing over blue slip and other documents back to me.. Good Luck. Me: Thank you so much Sir , Have a nice day.